About the President

Krista Wilson Muldoon

Krista has been a dedicated member of the games community since the late 80s when she got her start in Frederick Pony Club. She competed regionally and nationally and was part of the USPC Int’l Games Team in 93. Krista has continued to help PC as a sometimes coach and judge over the years. Krista was also an active member of USMGA, representing the US throughout the 90s on a national and international level as a competitor, including placing second in the World Team Championships in Germany.

Krista has been with MGAA since its inception; standing member-at-large on the board and as an active masters rider. Eventually Krista graduated to the Over25 division where she competes with her team; Gone Rogue, where she is able to ride with some of her childhood friends. Krista co-organizes MGAA Nationals, she writes her own blog, www.blueridgepony.com, she co-hosts open practices, dabbles in some coaching, and strives to introduce riders to this wonderful sport.

Krista is also on the MGAA Rulebook Committee, and has helped oversee the transition from the MGAA 2012 rulebook to the IMGA rulebook with an MGAA addendum adding unique MGAA races and additions to suit MGAA play.

International games is one of Krista's big focuses.  Having gained so much with her experiences in her younger years, she has worked to provide these same experiences of international travel, touring and competing for MGAA members.   

Krista brings nearly 30 years of games experience to the board from both a master and adult rider point of view, with a local, national and international background, and also with coach, chief referee and organizer experience. She is completely dedicated to promoting the sport and providing the best organization and opportunities possible.