About the Member-At-Large

Michelle Cruikshanks

As an active rider in the Over 25 division of MGAA, I have enjoyed another year of association with many fellow riders and supporters of Mounted Games Across America. As Rider Representative this year, I was called on relatively infrequently but endeavoured to share information, and provide suggestions and support to Riders, Organizers, and the Board. The behind-the-scenes work of the MGAA Executive is interest and challenging; I particularly enjoyed working actively as a member of the Rulebook Committee over the course of the year. Although a little “long in the tooth”, I continue to enjoy a passion for the sport of Mounted Games along with a strong commitment to bettering the sport, developing riders, fostering horsemanship skills, and demonstrating fair-mindedness in all aspects of competition. As a rider who has also worked as a coach, pony trainer, official, referee, competition organizer, and clinician, I continue to enjoy and integrate a ‘big picture’ view of the sport into my day-to-day involvement with Mounted Games on both sides of the border.

Becoming involved in the governance side of a sport requires commitment, interpersonal skills, and communication skills, among others. It is always an opportunity for learning and for developing an appreciation of multiple points of view – it’s not always comfortable but is definitely satisfying to be involved in furthering the goals of Mounted Games through Mounted Games Across America. To the Members of MGAA: Many thanks for your consideration of my candidacy as Member-at-large.