About the Member-At-Large

Fred Barberra

Starting out as a supportive parent of my daughters as they participated in MGAA games, I was amazed at this sport, the fast paced action, and the skill level of the riders. Now that we have been involved for over five years, I have seen how this sport has made my daughters better overall riders, as well as given opportunities to the young members to travel overseas to compete and represent our country. Currently as a rider in the O25 division, I have come to enjoy this sport on a new level. I have developed the utmost respect for Mounted Games and what it takes to become a better games rider. These are some of the reasons why I decided to run for a position on the Board of Governors.

In the position of Member At Large, I would like to assist the Board of Governors in making sound decisions for the viability of our organization, as well as find new ways for expansion and exposure in the equestrian world. By participating in clinics for new games riders, as well being involved in showcases for Mounted Games, I have seen that there is a growing interest and excitement for our sport, and I would like to be at the forefront for its advancement. This is a sport and organization that I believe in, I know that I will be involved in for long time, and look forward to the opportunity to serve as a member of the Board of Governors