MGA Founder Norman Patrick's goal was to foster friendship between riders of different nations through mounted games competitions and exchanges. With this goal in mind, the MGAA Board of Governors has begun searching out international riding opportunities for our members. Listed below are a summary of the opportunities the MGAA BOG has sanctioned. Please contact the MGAA BOG if you have come across any more international opportunities or have any questions about these listed.


For many years Robert Taylor and Janey Lawrence have been taking teams of mounted games riders to Australia during a few weeks in the summer. Robert and Janey are good friends and associates of Mounted Games Across America and offered these team slots to MGAA members often. Anyone interested in playing in Australia should contact Janey Lawrence at Robert and Janey prefer riders to have many years of experience playing games especially at the USPC International and Nationals level. They also prefer riders to be 17 years of age or older.


Mounted Games Across Canada, a mounted games group in the Toronto area of Ontario province, has invited all MGAA members to ride in any of their competition. MGAA members are offered the same discounted entry fees as MGAC members enjoy. MGAA lists many of the MGAC competitions on our calendar web page. Please check them out. It is a quick and easy way to begin getting international experience and the MGAC hosts could not be any more gracious. Single riders, pairs, and teams are all welcome.


United Kingdom

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