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So you want to join the exciting sport of mounted games? You can check our events calendar to find a clinic near you or contact one of our clinicians to organize an event in your area. You can also download our current rulebook for a more detailed explanation of how to play all of the races.


Mounted Games is enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. MGAA offers beginner programs for everyone as well as highly competitive play.

Most MGAA competitions offer one or more divisions:


As with many equestrian sports, Mounted Games is played by many levels of ability, and although top players and teams now prefer particular types of ponies, any pony can be used for competition once properly trained.

Most competitors prefer to ride ponies, but any horse can participate in the sport. However, stallions are not permitted, and all horses must be 4 years of age or older to compete in any division. It's not necessary to have a highly-priced pony, and most are able to learn the games quickly. When training a new mount, it's best to receive instruction from an experienced mounted games clinician or coach. To find a clinician in your area click here.

mgaa equipment


Much of the mounted games equipment can be made at home with everyday items, please check out our rulebook for more detailed instructions on how to make your own equipment. Below is a list of vendors that can provide mounted games equipment for recreational and competition use.

Example Races

Most MGAA competitions are played with teams of 5 (with 4 riders racing at a time), but some competitions also play as individuals and pairs. Each format of competition has its own rules of play for the various games, with some being common to all. Please download our rulebook for a complete list of rules. Below are some examples of how a few races are played.

Speed Weavers (Bending):
At the start, Rider 1, carrying a baton, weaves through the bending poles, turning around the 5th pole and weaving back through the bending poles to finish by crossing Line A. Rider 1 hands off the baton to Rider 2 behind Line A. Riders 2, 3 & 4 complete the race as described above.

speed weavers mgaa

Sword Lancers:
Rider 1, carrying the sword by the handle, lances a ring from the pole and rides to Line C where he hands the sword to Rider 2 by the handle. Riders 2, 3, and 4 complete the race in the same way.

Mug Shuffle:
At the start Rider 1 rides down the line of poles moving the first mug from pole 1 to pole 2, and the second mug from pole 3 to pole 4. He rides over line C. Rider 2 rides down the line of poles moving the mug from pole 4 to pole 3, and the next mug from pole 2 to pole 1. He rides past line A. Rider 3 plays in the same pattern as Rider 1 and Rider 4 plays in the same pattern as Rider 2.

mug shuffle