Mounted Games Across America has several Committees that assist in the leadership of MGAA. Any MGAA member is eligible to serve on an MGAA Committee. The Committee Chairperson would be thrilled to have the help of any MGAA member! Any questions about any of MGAA's Committees or how to become a Committee member can be address to

mgaa committees

Communications/PR Committee

The Communications/PR Committee manages MGAA's website and produces MGAA's periodic newsletter.


Rulebook Committee

The Rulebook Committee oversees the competition calendar; evaluates and recommends equipment standards, games rules and games rules changes to Board of Governors; qualifies officials; provides documentation, procedures and support for event planning; plans and maintains contacts for International competitions, and certifies competitions listed on the Association’s website and/or newsletter.



Finance & Governance & Program Committee

The Finance Committee prepares the annual and special event budgets, recommends annual membership fees, oversees general and specific fundraising, sponsorships, risk management and insurance responsibilities, and prepares recommendations for the Board of Governors.

The Governance Committee is responsible for incorporation of the restructured Association; drafting of bylaws to be approved by membership, and management of legal issues. This committee is a temporary committee and will reconvene only when called upon by the Board of Governors to address legal issues in the name of MGAA.

The Program Committee oversees the tax-exempt programs and activities of MGAA.



Membership Committee

The Membership Committee oversees the membership application process and handles disciplinary proceedings.


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee seeks and recommends qualified candidates for regular and/or special elections of the MGAA Board of Governors and its officers.



Organizer's Committee