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A major goal for the Mounted Games Across America, Inc. (MGAA) organization helping others develop mounted games programs in their home localities. This could be through a series of small clinics to introduce mounted games to the riders in your areas. Or it could be assisting a growing group of riders to hold a fun day competition.

MGAA has many dedicated members who are very willing to put their words to action. Our members have already assisted interested parties hold clinics and competitions in Washington, California, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and South Carolina. These groups are well on their way to making or purchasing enough games equipment to hold two-day competitions.

MGAA is in the process of developing helpful pamphlets and articles to help you get your mounted games program moving in your area. If you would like help or have questions about developing mounted games in your area, please contact one of our District coordinators:

District Coordinators

District Contact Name and Email
New York, Connecticut Nancy Crowley
New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts Joyleen Seymour
Pennsylvania and New Jersey Ellen Atherholt
Maryland and Delaware Anita Vassallo
Virginia and West Virginia Val Hoke

Krista Wilson
Southeast (North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida) Julia Gates
Kentucky Shannon Andrews
Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana Jennifer Foreman
Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin Julia Rietz
Washington, Idaho, and Oregon Adam Honeycutt
International Krista Wilson
Other District Committee

MGAA has listed available clinicians who have offered to help groups get mounted games programs off the ground. We will be adding to this list as the applications are processed. These clinicians are all members of MGAA and have been active in mounted games for many years as pony clubbers, pony club parents, and MGAA members.

Once you have obtained information about clinicians in your area, you are advised to call and interview several over the phone to determine which one is best suited to you and your needs.


Video of a clinic given by MGAA members in March 2012


Location Name Email
Hyde Park, NY Lisa Iannelli-Winkler
Elverson, PA Jessie Pillard
Purcelville, VA Brett Calhoun
Woodinville, WA Adam Honeycutt

Disclaimer: Information herein is from the clinician and has not been verified. No claim is being made of assurances regarding the qualifications of the clinician listed. This list is for the convenience of the public for purposes of voluntary selection only. In no event shall the developers of this list be liable for the voluntary selection of any clinician or for the services provided by any clinician.

If you are an MGAA member who is over 18 years of age with many years of games experience and would like to help others start up mounted games programs, please send your clinician application to

Blank Application: