Board of Governors

Mounted Games Across America Board of Governors, BOG, are the leaders of MGAA. They make the day-to-day decisions for the MGAA membership and also plan MGAA's future direction. BOG members are elected yearly at the Membership Annual Meeting.

The responsibilities and qualifications for each MGAA BOG member can be found in the MGAA Bylaws. MGAA BOG candidates must be members of MGAA for two years. If you are interested in running for an MGAA BOG office or have any questions about the election process, please contact the MGAA Nominating Committee.

From the MGAA Bylaws:

"Supervision and guidance of the affairs of MGAA shall be invested in the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors may exercise all powers granted to it as they determine to be expedient and necessary for the interests of MGAA, subject to the Articles of Incorporation, the By-laws, and the review and direction of the voting membership of MGAA."