About MGAA

about mgaa

MGAA is open to equestrians who would like to play mounted games with others who share the love of the sport. Equestrians of all ages and skills are welcome to come join us for the most fun you can have on horseback. Check out our MGAA membership details and join today! If you would like to know more about us, please contact us at mgaainfo@mountedgames.org.

Mounted Games

Mounted Games is a branch of equestrian sport, which, at its highest level, displays a variety of very fast relay races performed by excellent riders on well- trained ponies. This is exciting for participants and spectators alike. It is geared to riders of all ages and skill levels, from the very youngest (or oldest!) beginner to the very experienced.

Mounted Games riders develop a high degree of athletic ability, instinctive riding skills, and hand-to-eye coordination. They possess a general determination to see things through to the end no matter what, and a competitive spirit which nevertheless requires an ability to work together with other riders and a willingness to help one another. At the top level, Mounted Games is a prime example of the ultimate extreme equestrian sport.

about mgaa


Mounted Games was the inspiration of H.R.H. Prince Philip. When Colonel Sir Mike Ansell was the Director of the Horse of the Year Show in 1957, Prince Philip asked permission to devise a competition for children who could not afford an expensive, well-bred pony. The very first Mounted Games Championships was held that year at the Horse of the Year Show at Harringay Arena in North London, England for the Prince Philip Cup. It was an immediate box office success!

Norman Patrick was responsible for extending the sport of Mounted Games to riders of all ages. His aim was to continue the sport, previously age-restricted to young children by The Pony Club, for wider participation. In 1984, Norman Patrick established the Mounted Games Association of Great Britain. His continued support and patronage over the following years ensured that the sport spread across Great Britain and beyond.

Mounted Games Across America, Inc. (MGAA) was incorporated on January 2, 2004 by a group of games-crazy people to promote the sport of equestrian mounted games across America. MGAA has a very diverse membership across the entire country and is currently the largest mounted games organization in the United States.

MGAA earned its 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from the IRS on August 25, 2004 retroactive to January 2, 2004. All contributions of money, services, and products from individuals and corporations are tax-exempt. If you would like a copy of the IRS 501(c)3 determination letter for MGAA, please contact us at mgaainfo@mountedgames.org.