View Results - Sizzlin' Summer International Pairs

Organizer: Stacey Calhoun
Jefferson County Fairgrounds
Kearneysville, WV
Jul 30 - Jul 31, 2011
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The Sizzlin’ Summer International Pairs competition lived up to its name, as the weather for the weekend was in the 90s both days! A full slate of teams from Masters to Novices showed some intense competitive spirit, and the final sessions were exciting and closely contested. MGAA was happy to welcome Phil Logue’s visiting team of Australian riders, joining their compatriot already in the US to make this a very International competition. Ponies for our visitors were provided by the Calhoun, Whitehair, Becker, Taylor and Stokes families.

Phil obliged the organizers by acting as the chief ref for Intermediate and Fossils. Our Masters judge was Robert Taylor. The format was a little different for this competition, in deference to the heat – the Intermediate and Fossils sessions were run concurrently, as were the 3 Masters heats. Riders and equipment crew seemed to appreciate this change, as it allowed for much less movement of equipment over the course of the weekend. A yummy catered BBQ on Saturday was a great occasion for getting to visit with each other. We hope everyone enjoyed this low key, but high competition quality, event.

Thanks to all volunteers especially Equipment Chiefs George Stokes and Mark Atherholt, and scorer/announcers Kristi Mitchell and Julie Whitehair.

Thanks to all who participated, helped and cheered the riders on!

Stacey and Anita

Fossils Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Time Flies
N. Crowley riding Marley
P. Pillarding riding ?
44 34 53 131
Old School
L. Arens riding Annie
C. O'Connor riding Zeke
33 39 57 129
Zig Zag
D. McBain riding Shadow
L. McBain riding Velvet
39 46 40 125
Burst Out
A. Markley riding Dusty
M. Reilly riding Misty
38 26 36 100
In Detention
K. Muldoon riding Simon
K. Tracy riding Gwen
26 35 38 99


Intermediate Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Accidental Homicide
T. Arens riding Annie
S. Shea riding Muffin
48 35 68 151
K. Flemming riding Irish Rose
E. McBain riding Ducky
41 47 58 146
A. Doud riding Sebastian
S. McBain riding Truffles
37 47 22.5 106.5
R. Ciapponi riding Pain's Cloudy Moon
N. Lee riding Rosalee
13 12 16.5 43.5


Masters Division


Allied Forces
P. Dyson (Aus) on Steele
K. Stokes on Roxy
American Booty
L. Graham on Glory
J. Pillard on Bail Me Out
K. Huntsman on Chablis
E. Nelson on Annie
Bonnie and Clyde
C. McBain on Maize
C. Swartz on Belle
E. Becker on Pepper
L. Mitchell on Piper
Green Machine
D. Herbick on Cowboy
M. Vasallo on Bustin' Dust
Hit N Run
M. Brown on Sprite
R. Welniak on Toby
Limited Edition
S. Welniak on Chance
R. Whitehair on Cinnamon Twist
Maximum Velocity
B. Atherholt on Squiggles
S. Stokes on Cassie
Ride for Life
B. Nolder on Nicky
C. Nolder on Tinkerbell
Ready and Rearing
C. Crooks (Aus) on Billabong
E. Fraser (Aus) on Pot of Gold
K. Crowley on Ducati
M. Slade (Aus) on Churro
Smokin' Aces
B. Calhoun on Jabubba
Z. Hope on Henna
Summer Thunder
S. Shea on Nikatta
C. Tracy on Sophie
Special Ops
R. Purdie (Aus) on Poncho
H. Taylor on Ollie

Saturday AM Session - Heat #1

Team Points
Limited Edition 54
Green Machine 46
Bond 33
Allied Forces 26
Summer Thunder 20

Saturday AM Session - Heat #2

Team Points
Smokin' Aces 45
Rush 42
Cymru 36
Maximum Velocity 32
Bonnie & Clyde 24

Saturday AM Session - Heat #3

Team Points
American Booty 53
Hit N Run 36
Ready and Rearing 33
Special Ops 31
Ride for Life 25

Saturday PM Session - Heat #1

Team Points
Limited Edition 49
Smokin' Aces 46
Maximum Velocity 36
Ride for Life 24
Hit N Run 23

Saturday PM Session - Heat #2

Team Points
Rush 53
American Booty 46
Bond 26
Special Ops 28
Bonnie & Clyde 26

Saturday PM Session - Heat #3

Team Points
Green Machine 47
Allied Forces 39
Cymru 36
Summer Thunder 32
Ready and Rearing 26

C Finals

Team Points
Bonnie & Clyde 51
Summer Thunder 49
Hit N Run 47
Ride for Life 43
Special Ops 34

B Finals

Team Points
Maximum Velocity 61
Cymru 53
Allied Forces 43
Bond 37
Ready and Rearing 30

A Finals

Team Points
Limited Edition 63
Smokin' Aces 46
Green Machine 44
American Booty 42
Rush 28