View Results - MGAA Nationals 2011

Organizer: Krista Wilson Muldoon
Sussex County Fairgrounds
Augusta, NJ
Jul 01 - Jul 03, 2011
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Nationals 2011 was a success!

The grounds were beautiful with excellent camping and the ring was well maintained and very large. The weekend started with fantastic weather and even though the finals were broken up by thunderstorms and heavy downpours the riders still powered through it for an exciting finish.

I would like to whole heartedly thank everyone for coming.

In particular I would like to thank:

Lisa Winkler who is one fantastic Show Secretary. Her and her husband Matt Winkler also pulled off one heck of a BBQ for everyone Thursday evening.

Ellen Griffin our always smiling TD

Ed Welniak the Masters Referee with rulebook in hand!

Stacey Calhoun the Fossils Referee and also organizer of all the volunteer jobs, among other things.

Anita Vassallo who stepped up and refereed Intermediate when Stacey was under the weather. Anita put together one heck of a dinner/dance event with the help of Regan Whitehair and Mitchell Vassallo. She also showed up a day early to help set up, and jumped in left and right to help keep things going.

Mark Atherholt, George Stokes and Kelly Nolder our outstanding ring crew leaders that kept us on schedule.

Linda Arens and Kim Tracey for pony management, checking everyone in and filling in where ever they were needed, including helping with my pony and keeping me fed!

Chris Peterson for organizing such awesome prizes with the help of Kim Stokes. These ladies did a fantastic job and donated some of the fantastic prizes as well.

Genevieve Arens for putting together a beautiful program. My team and campmates for jumping in and helping out all over the place, including showing up early to help set up, fixing my truck, and later breaking into it when it the cap locked in the rain! You guys are amazing, as always.

Kristi Mitchell and Julie Whitehair for scoring every session with those fantastic Math skills.

Curtis Schelling for keeping us entertained and informed over the PA.

And all the people who stepped up and just did what needed to be done! (I am sure I missed someone, I apologize, Ill think of you right after I hit send :O)

MGAA is made up by volunteers and without so many people donating their time and expertise, none of this would be possible.

*Please be sure to fill out the survey. It will be available in the next week or two. It is very important that we hear the things you liked as well as the things that could have been improved upon. We really try to make Nationals the best event it can be but if we don’t know what you liked and didn’t like, it makes it a lot harder to pull off.

*Nationals T-shirts - If you did not get a t-shirt at nationals but would like one, please email me by Monday July 11 and let me know the size and if you want pink or grey.

Krista Muldoon
Organizer, 2011 MGAA Nationals

Masters Division


Masters A

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies
L. Mitchell
M. Vassallo
B. Calhoun
B. Calhoun
R. Whitehair
H. Cullinane
D. Herbick
Z. Hope
L. Harmon
K. Huntsman
R. Cone
J. Gates
S. Hickok
J. Hickok
J. Naji
S. Cruikshanks
J. Cruikshanks
M. Cruikshanks
J. Pillard
A. Graham
S. Welniak
J. Naji
K. Markmann
A. Royer
J. Bryson

B Finals

Team Points
Risky Business
A. Mayo
K. Worker
K. Godshall
E. Bartnick
C. Anzaloni
Fast Forward
S. Weintraub
S. Ruff
B. Nolder
G. Schelling
S. Stokes
M. Dauzat
C. Miles
G. Hope
B. Atherholt
Amp It Up
S. Shea
C. McBain
A. Peterson
H. Taylor
L. Patullo


Intermediate Division


Team Points
A. Honeycutt
B. Arens
G. Arens
T. Arens
C. Nolder
Push to Start
R. Winkler
S. Welniak
L. Honeycutt
C. Farneski
K. Norrel
A. Seymour
O. Fam
L. Moffat
S. Amen
C. Siebols
Real Deal in Teal
Q. Winkler
E. McBain
S. McBain
K. Fleming
Call Us Crazy
S. Atlass
M. Gehret
J. Belshaw
C. Carpenter
E. Leasue


Fossils Division


Team Points
Old School
K. Wilson Muldoon
C. O’Connor
G. Arens
L. Arens
K. Tracy
Time Flies
N. Crowley
M. Cruikshanks
L. McCoy
P. Pillard
K. Taylor
Last Minute
M. Reilly
C. Mariano
A. Markley
Z. Edington
Second Wind
M. Brown
L. McBain
D. McBain
D. Hickok
C. Corrigan

Black & Blue Crew
L. Winkler
C. Teeple
S. Robinson
K. Welniak
J. Seymour