View Results - Mid-Atlantic Games Series #2

Organizer: Anita Vasallo, Stacey Calhoun
Meadow Event Park
Doswell, VA
Jun 11 - Jun 12, 2011
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The second leg of the five part 2011 MidAtlantic Mounted Games series took place June 11 and 12 at the Meadow Event Park in Doswell, Virginia. 11 Masters teams, 5 Intermediate and 3 Fossils took part in the 3 session competition. In a change from last year's competition at the same venue, this year play took place on a large grass (sort of) field which allowed for the full size specifications and then some. Saturday was hot and humid in the morning, and hotter in the afternoon, but all teams rode well and play was fast and competitive, particularly in the Fossils and Masters Divisions.

Intermediate had a bit of a different look at this competition with one team wholly composed of Masters riders on their green ponies (this team rode HC, and only on Saturday), and another team with one Master/Green combo filling out the five. We also had a brand new to MGAA team in our Intermediate Division, the Call Us Crazy girls from Pennsylvania.

Fossils was composed of 3 experienced and competitive teams, showing flashes of upper level play during the very entertaining competition.

The eleven Masters teams were nearly all composed of experienced, skillful riders and ponies and the level of play was very high. We were glad to welcome competitors from Canada on the Five team, and one Aussie visitor on Notorious.

A storm that blew in Saturday afternoon in the middle of the Fossils session put a hold on the proceedings for about an hour, but we were able to resume and complete Fossils and squeeze a 10 race session, run concurrently, for both Masters heats.

Thanks so much to all who helped to make that move along quickly before the thunder and lightning really moved in. Sunday's finals were great, with good play all around. Intermediate and Fossils went off well, although we need to send get well wishes to Alice Honeycutt, who broke her hand during Fossils. Masters B and A were both very competitive, although the pace did pick up some in Masters A, with the top teams really pushing each other on a field which was by that time regrettably dusty. Could have used a good rain Saturday evening, but the storm was a bust for watering the field.

Thanks so, so much to all of the volunteers who helped line judge and move equipment in the unseasonable heat of the weekend. Special thanks to George Stokes, Chief of Equipment. I do not want to thank others by name, in case I miss someone inadvertently, but you know who you are, and you know that Stacey and I appreciate your good work, your cheerful willingness to do whatever was needed and your help immensely. Thanks also to all participants for their good sportsmanship and willingness to adapt to the weather mandated changes. Thanks most of all to all of the moms, dads, kids, husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends who come to support their special rider and make Mounted Games one of the most family friendly and entertaining equestrian sports.

See you again at Doswell for MA IV September 24 - 25 ( where it will probably be unseasonably hot.)

Anita Vassallo

Intermediate Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
B. Arens on Sierra
G. Arens on Cowboy
A. Honeycutt on Josephine
L. Honeycutt on Jose
C. Nolder on Nicky
42 40 34 116
T. Arens on Annie
J. Daniels on Poco
C. Farneski on Galaxy
K. Morel on Jericho
M. Vassallo on Sierra Leone
36 40 37 113
Real Deal in Teal
K. Fleming on Snickers
P. Kerstetter on Irish Rose
E. McBain on Rocky
S. McBain on Truffles
Q. Winkler on Parker
42 21 37 110
Call Us Crazy
S. Atlass on Anna
J. Belshaw on JD
B. Beveridge on Ebony
M. Gehret on Alex
E. Leasure on James
22 22 14 58
Green Pony Team
L. Barbour on Superman
K. Crowley on Ginger
L. Mitchell on Hot Rod
S. Welniak on Remington
R. Welniak on Toby
27 21 HC HC


Fossils Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Time Flies
N. Crowley on Marley
A. Desjardins on Penny
A. Frey on Logan
P. Pillard on Pinto
K. Reimund on Simon
25 25 31 81
Old School
L. Arens on Blue
A. Honeycutt on Stormy
K. Muldoon on Simon
C. O'Connor on Zeke
K. Tracey on Gwen
27 18 34 79
Second Wind
M. Brown on Rose
D. Hickok on Dakota
D. McBain on Shadow
L. McBain on Velvet
S. Thornley
18 15 23 56
Aged to Perfection
S. Calhoun on Ponch
N. Crowley on Marley
K. Taylor on Irish Mist
C. Rutledge on Muffin
A. Vassallo on Pink Champagne
26 18 22 66


Masters Division


Amp It Up
C. McBain on Maize
A. Peterson on Ginger
S. Shea on Nikatta
H. Taylor on Ollie
A. Thornley on Tommy
Italian Stallions
E. Becker on Pepper
A. Cone on Beauty
J. Naji on Jack
J. Naji on Nico
T. Royer on Cudi
R. Cone on Snickers
J. Cornish on Brooke
L. Crowl
J. Gates on Patches
S. Hickok on Copper Penny
H. Cullinane on Murphy
M. Griffin on Churro
L. Harmon on Sasha
D. Herbick on Cowboy
Z. Hope on Maniac
J. Cruikshanks on Wizard
M. Cruikshanks on Sunny
S. Cruikshanks on Neska
L. Graham on Glory
J. Pillard on Bailey
Punk Rock Ponies
B. Calhoun on Rio
B. Calhoun on Jabubba
R. Whitehair on Gemma
M. Vassallo on Dusty
M. Taylor on Inky
Hit and Run
S. Dunn on Lexie
K. Crowley on Coco
L. Mitchell on Jitterbug
R. Welniak on Tonka
S. Welniak on Chance
J. Bryson on Napoleon
K. Huntsman on Chablis
K. Markmann on Tex
J. Naji on Comanche
A. Royer on Sky
Hot and Dangerous
B. Atherholt on Squiggles
C. Atherhold on Antsy
J. Emblin on Shedaisy
L. Honeycutt on Jose
K. MacFawn on Henna
Risky Business
J. Arleo on Pork Chop
E. Bartnick on Pumpkin
D. Mayo on Ducati
K. Worker on Frosty

Saturday AM - Heat #1

Team Points
Five 56
Crash 45
Notorious 41
Hot & Dangerous 38
Quicksilver 35
Hit N Run 34

Saturday AM - Heat #2

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 58
Italian Stallions 57
Heartbreakers 45
Amp It Up 41
Risky Business 40

Saturday PM - Heat #1

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 47
Hit N Run 45
Amp It Up 29
Risky Business 29
Heartbreakers 28

B Finals

Team Points
Risky Business 54
Heartbreakers 50
Hot & Dangerous 39
Amp It Up 38
Quicksilver 32

A Finals

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 63
Italian Stallions 51
Hit N Run 50
Five 48
Crash 41
Notorious 39