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Organizer: Diane Hickok
Polo Grounds
Washington, DC
May 28 - May 28, 2011
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Thundering Hooves (instead of Rolling Thunder):

Equestrian Mounted Games On The Washington, D.C. Mall

Monumental Mall Madness 2011, held on Saturday, May 28th, was a huge success. The Washington Post had a notice in the May 27th Weekend Section notifying readers of the equestrian event.

Five teams competed on the Mall under sunny skies:

Trailers began to arrive at 6:45 AM and, with the assistance of the US Park Police, everyone was able to easily park their trucks & trailers. A white temporary fence was set up and the field was marked in record time. Volunteers moved equipment onto the field with smiles on their faces.

Thanks to Claudia Stewart for being a wonderful Referee. Thanks to Pete Brown for providing the green light which was used for the start of races. Thanks to Sharon Brown for scoring and providing games equipment and the speaker system. Thanks to Curtis Schelling for being a superb announcer. Curtis has the rare ability to simultaneously entertain and educate. Tourists waved and cheered from tour buses. Spectators walking by stopped to watch and talk with the competitors. Families riding their bicycles rested on the grass and were entertained by the games. Children and adults alike were fascinated as they watched the riders play games while galloping down the grassy field. Memorial Day in Washington, D.C. is famous for Rolling Thunder and motorcycles. The ponies remained calm throughout the day and were not disturbed by the noise of the motorcycles and buses on the road or the helicopters and planes flying overhead in the blue sky.

Before play began, riders and ponies lined up for a photo opportunity with the Washington Monument in the background. Many thanks to Colleen Corrigan for being the official photographer, taking such superb pictures and posting them on the internet for everyone to enjoy. Claudia Stewart briefed the riders and the morning session began at 9 AM. The fifth rider could often be seen explaining mounted games to spectators. During breaks, ponies and riders stood under a canopy of shade trees and talked with tourists . Twenty games were played during the morning session. Thanks to equipment chiefs Charlie Hickok, Ed Welniak and Ellen Griffin and to all the volunteers that helped move equipment on and off the field.

A delicious pot luck lunch was enjoyed by all. Ponies were chewing hay at their trailers while riders were nibbling on ham, salads, chilled watermelon, veggies, desserts & ice cream kept cooled by dry ice. After eating and visiting with friends, it was time to tack up. Twenty games were played in the afternoon session. At the conclusion, each rider brought a bending pole from the field to the sideline. Less than 5 minutes after the session ended, the sky darkened and a few raindrops fell. The shower was brief and helped cool off the air. Equipment was quickly loaded onto the trailer and trucks. Trash was collected and the field picked clean. Riders were gathered and prizes were given. Each rider was given a travel mug. In keeping with the patriotic, on the Mall theme, the mugs were either red with white lettering or blue with white lettering. The mugs were stamped with the logo of the "U. S. House of Representatives" (Congress) or the "United States Senate".

Thanks to all riders for coming to participate. Thanks to all parents and friends that volunteered to make the competition run so smoothly. Thanks to Diane Hickok and Sharon Brown for organizing this exhibition at such a spectacular venue.


S. Hickok
J. Hickok
J. Hoke
R. Korn
J. Gates
A. Thornley
Fast Forward:
G. Schelling
S. Weintraub
S. Ruff
M. Griffin
Hit N Run
S. Welniak
R. Welniak
C. Farneski
M Brown
K. Welniak
Panic Switch
A. Lake
A. Scarborough
J. Stewart
A. Schermerhorn
B. Pellet
Wild Things
W. Hruda
C. Swartz
A. Doud
S. Cowan
S. Cox


Team AM Session PM Session Total
Fast Forward 66 86 152
Crash 69 79 148
Hit N Run 57 39 96
Panic Switch 40 47 87
Wild Things 35 43 78