View Results - Mid-Atlantic Games Series #1

Organizer: Diane Hickok
Prince George's Equestrian Center
Upper Marlboro, MD
Apr 30 - May 01, 2011
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Intermediate Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
C. Nolder on Tinkerbell
G. Arens on Cowboy
A. Honeycutt on Josie
B. Arens on Sierra
T. Arens on Annie
36 40 48 123
Real Deal in Teal
S. McBain on Truffles
E. McBain on Rockie Rock Star
K. Fleming on Snickers
P. Kerstetter on Irish Rose
Q. Winkler on Parker
32 27 37 96
S. Cowan on Svort
K. Newell on Doc
M. Milito on Rocochet
A. Seel on Fontiana
C. Patullo on Player
22 25 33 80
C. Farneski on Galaxy
K. Morel on Esja
A. Seymour on Shelby Cobra
N. Lee on Rosalee
L. Moffat on Dotz
24 25 30 79


Fossils Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Time Flies
P. Pillard on Pinto
A. Desjardins on Penny
K. Reimund on Simon
A. Frey on Login
N. Crowley on Marley
48 47 60 155
Second Wind
D. Hickok on Dakota
D. McBain on Shadow
M. Brown on American Rose
W. Wiseman on Cricket
A. Zaccone on Miss Sparkles
43 43 43 129
M. Cruikshanks on Zip
K. Foell on Talula
L. McCoy on Darcy
M. Midwood on Licorice
31 37 56 124
Old School
K. Muldoon on Simon
L. Arens on Blue
K. Tracy on Jerico-coco
C. O'Connor on Zeke
K. Dauzat on Seneca
37 37 41 115
Black & Blue Crew
L. Winkler on Honey
C. Teeple on Precious Patty
S. Robinson on Scooter
C. Burgess on Eli
M. Downey on Rebel
18 12 21 51


Masters Division


Amp It Up
A. Peterson on Ginger
S. Shea on Nikatta
H. Taylor on Ollie
A. Thornley
R. WInker on Sterling Silver
Hit N Run
L. Mitchell on Jitterbug
R. Welniak on Honka Tonk
S. Welniak on Chance
K. Crowley on Coco Chanel
S. Dunn
V. Hoke on Sprite
J. Hoke on Pony
J. Stewart on Mocha
L.A. Patullo on Custer
A. Royer on Sky
Hot and Dangerous
J. Emblin
J. Gilbert on Ares
K. Lawrence on Henna
B. Atherholt on Squiggles
C. Atherholt on Antsy
S. Hickok on Copper Penny
J. Hickok on Mini Penny
J. Gates on Patches
C. Hanagan
J. Cornish on Jiminy
Italian Stallions
J. Naji on Nico
T. Royer on Cudi
J. Naji on Jack of All Trades
J. Naji on All Riled Up
E. Becker on Pepper
Fast Forward
B. Nolder on Micky
A. Lake on Tag You're It
S. Weintraub on Skip
A. Scarborough on Skittles
J. Arleo on Pork Chops
M. Griffin on Misty
L.A. Harmon on Sasha
H. Cullinane on Murphy Brown
D. Herbick on Cowboy
Z. Hope on Maniac
J. Pillard on Bail Me Out
M. Cruikshanks on Sunny
S. Cruikshanks on Neska
J. Byrons on Napolean
N. Ellis on Porscha
Punk Rock Ponies
B. Calhoun on Gemma
B. Calhoun on Jabubba
R. Whitehair on Cinnamon Twist
M. Vassallo on Bustin' Dust
M. Taylor on Ink Spot
K. Stokes on Roxy
S. Stokes on Mya
L. Barbour on Cookie Monster
C. Hutchins on Star
M. Duazat on A Ladies Man
Risky Business
C. Anzalone on Duck L’Orange
D. Mayo
E. Bartnick on Pumpkin Pie
K. Worker on Frosty
K. Godshall on Mud Pie

Saturday AM Session

Heat #1

Team Points
Hot & Dangerous 31
Amp It Up 30
Fast Forward 27
Heartbreakers 27

Heat #2

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 32
Notorious 31
Hit N Run 28
Risky Business 25

Heat #3

Team Points
Crash 35
Italian Stallions 34
Five 30
Crawdaddies 20

Saturday PM Session

Heat #1

Team Points
Hit N Run 35
Italian Stallions 31
Notorious 28
Risky Business 22

Heat #2

Team Points
Five 39
Punk Rock Ponies 36
Crawdaddies 24
Fast Forward 20

Heat #3

Team Points
Crash 42
Heartbreakers 32
Hot N Dangerous 25
Amp It Up 20

C Finals

Team Points
Risky Business 47
Fast Forward 45
Amp It Up 43
Crawdaddies HC

B Finals

Team Points
Hit N Run 43+
Notorious 43
Heartbreakers 37
Hot N Dangerous 25

A Finals

Team Points
Five 42
Punk Rock Ponies 40
Crash 36
Italian Stallions 32