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Organizer: Antietam Pony Club
Neersville Field
Neersville, VA
Nov 29 - Nov 29, 2003
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Sponsored by Antietam Pony Club 16 die hard games players and a similar number of volunteers braved wind, snow showers and 20 degree temps ( that old wind chill) to play in the Braggin’ Rights Pairs Open, the first ever competition held at the Antietam Pony Club grounds in Neersville, VA. Beautiful weather the previous week had given the organizers hope for a lovely weekend of mild temperatures for this late fall event, but alas, it was not to be. No fear though, games players are tough and the full slate of 20 games was run through with some extras thrown in at player request.

The competition attracted experienced players and ponies, junior level players who mixed it up with the masters, and a games pony in the making for whom this was the first event. The top four finishing teams were made up of MGAA members, and the lead was hotly contested throughout the day. In the end, the Calhoun sisters proved to be the strongest team, winning their braggin’ rights by a resounding 10 points. Much trash talking was heard between the 1st and 3rd place teams - we look for a rematch between those two. Least favorite game of the day was ball & bucket - those balls just won’t stay in the bucket!. Most favorite seemed to be balloon.

Good sportsmanship award goes to Jellybeans and Bandits who expected to play intermediate level, but agreed to play masters to speed things up.

Thanks once again to all of the sterling equipment crew, who had to stay on the field for several games to prevent equipment from blowing over. After the competition, many of the players and crew repaired to a local dining establishment to rehash the day over hot sandwiches, pie and lots of hot liquids - we all eventually thawed out. Pairs competitions are great fun - hope to see more offered in 2004!

Masters Division


Team Points
Double Trouble 110
Freak N' Hot 101
Mismatch 100
Vixens 89
Hokey Pokey Ponies 49
Red Hot Chili Peppers 37
Jelly Beans 33
Bandits 14