View Results - Rocky Run Open

Organizer: Donna McCready
Jefferson County Fairgrounds
Kearneysville, WV
Oct 11 - Oct 12, 2003
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Fast ponies, good friends and good food, old reveries, new games, and perfect weather all came together for a fantastic Rocky Run Pony Club Games Open this past weekend in Charles Town, WV. Three games divisions all with very competitive teams battled it out for two days before the winners were decided.

The Mini Division was made up of two teams, Shining Knights with riders from KY and VA going head to head with the Blusie Flusie team made up of riders from MD and VA. The teams were tied after the first ground session and again tied after the second ground session. But Blusie Flusie took the lead half way through Sunday's final session and held on long enough to take home the first place ribbon.

Seven Masters teams sorted themselves into two divisions on Saturday with their play in the two ground sessions. All the ground sessions were hard fought with the lead changing several times. The riders played the old MGA favorites (Sock, Bending, Mug Shuffle, etc.) and some old USPC favorites ( Housewife Scurry, Ball and Cone, 3-Mug, etc.) and a new one just for the occasion, Halloween (trick-or-treat grab and go on horseback).

The B Finals found teams Falloffallots, Stars, and Hot and Spicy Senoritas playing a very competitive Final session. However early into the schedule of 16 games, the Finals became a two-team race for the first place ribbon. Falloffalots won the final session race to tie the Stars team and force a tiebreaker race. Fallaoofalots then put on a clinic on how to play the perfect 3-mug race to win the B Finals.

Fast N Furious, Commandoes, Punk Rock Ponies, and Road Runner teams made up the teams for the A Finals. Halfway through the schedule of races the teams had all taken turns winning races and being in first place. However, the second half of races found Fast N Furious and the Commandos battling for first place and the Road Runners and Punk Rock Ponies fighting it out for third. The final finish was Commandos in first, Fast N Furious in second, Road Runners a close third, and Punk Rock Ponies in fourth. They all played hard and all deserved first place ribbons.

The Moldie Oldies division had some new moldies and some old moldies competing. Zippy Chicks with riders from KY, OH, MD and VA went up against the MD team, Turn N Burn, and the Desperado team from MI. Turn N Burn members who were celebrating their first full year of competitions took an early lead in ground sessions 1 and 2. Zippy Chicks played to a strong second place finish in the first ground session. But the Desperados came on strong after adjusting their playing styles and changing ponies for some impressive wins in ground session 2. Desperados continued to improve in the Finals but the Turn N Burn and the Zippy Chicks teams were too much for them. Turn N Burn took first, Zippy Chicks second, and Desperados third. All riders left with huge ribbons that they can gloat about to their family and friends during the long winter months.

The two days of competition ended on Sunday competition with an demonstration session for new games. Mixed teams of Minis, Masters, and Moldie Oldies learned how to play the games: Tent Pegging, Margarita Race, Apple Pie Race, Daily Mail and Tack Shop. So look for these games to be added to coming competitions. The competitors, organizers, volunteers, and supporters left sunburned, happy, exhausted, and excited about future competitions. We made new friends and some made outrageous predictions about what they would do the NEXT time! We are looking for all the teams from the East and the Midwest to come to Ohio on November 8/9 for the next fun `n' games session!

From Sharon from MD

Fossils Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Finals
Turn 'N Burn
S. Calhoun
D. Hickok
M. Reilly
A. Vassallo
34 27 37
Zippy Chicks
D. Bush
L. Caddel
L. Goncharoff
D. McCready
26 25 29
J. Fields
D. Foreman
J. Foreman
K. Trudgen
11 20 24


Novice Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Finals
Blusie Flusie
A. Brown
M. Gilley
L. Mitchell
18 19 25
Shining Nights
C. Brown
J. Caddell
J. Dobson
18 17 22


Masters Division


S. Bush
K. Caddel
J. McCready
M. Vassallo
R. Vit
V. Brown
B. Goncharoff
L. Griffin
J. Hoke
A. Sparks
Fast and Furious
J. Hickok
S. Hickok
S. Stalter
R. Welniak
S. Welniak
Hot & Spicy Senoritas
J. Coe
K. Gallahan
K. Kuzcinski
J. Walker
G. Webber
Punk Rock Ponies
B. Calhoun
B. Calhoun
R. Horn
M. St. Angelo
R. Whitehair
Road Runners
A. Fields
T. Leonard
M. Redmond
K. Trudgen
M. Trudgen
L. Beckwith
N. Persinger
C. Reilly
K. Wilson
K. Wilson


Session #1, Heat #1

Team Points
Fast and Furious 44
Punk Rock Ponies 42
Stars 29
Hot and Spicy Senoritas 15

Session #1, Heat #2

Team Points
Commandos 43
Road Runners 42
Falloffalots 31

Session #2, Heat #1

Team Points
Road Runners 38
Fast and Furious 38
Falloffalots 31
Hot and Spicy Senoritas 12

Session #2, Heat #2

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 43
Commandos 38
Stars 27

B Finals

Team Points
Falloffalots 42
Stars 39
Hot and Spicy Senoritas 27

A Finals

Team Points
Commandos 46
Fast and Furious 42
Road Runners 37
Punk Rock Ponies 35