View Results - Mid-Atlantic Games Series #4

Organizer: Anita Vasallo
Meadow Event Park
Doswell, VA
Sep 24 - Sep 25, 2011
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The fourth competition in the 2011 Mid Atlantic Mounted Games Series took place the weekend of Sept 24-25 at the excellent Meadow Event Park in Doswell, VA. We had sessions for all divisions from Novice to Fossils. Over 80 competitiors formed 3 Novice Pairs, 2 Fossil teams, 5 Intermediate teams, 8 Masters teams and one Green Pony team. Although the weather forecast for the weekend was daunting, we were fortunate enough to only have real rain on Friday, the move in day. This did impact a lot of travelers though, and drivers rolled in somewhat exhausted after extended trips on I95. However, Saturday and Sunday's weather was games perfect - the ring had been heavily watered by the previous day's downpour, and the skies stayed overcast with minimal rain. Many riders remarked upon how nice the footing was, so plenty of rain in advance of the competition turns out to be a free benefit.

Our novice pairs were composed of 5 young riders from Crescent Bay Pony club, participating in their first games competition, and one old (young) hand from the Purcellville VA area. After a clinic given by two riders from Punk Rock Ponies, the novice pairs rode in a full 3 sessions over the two days of the competition, and by the end were cantering like pros. The Crescent Bay newbie parents were enthusiastic supporters and helpers, and we hope to see them at a future competition.

The Fossils division dropped down to only two teams for this leg of the series due to other commitments by members of the other usual Fossil teams. Time Flies and Old School fought back and forth over the two days, with Old School going into the final session ahead on points. However Time Flies dominated the final session, winning 12 of the 14 races in the finals session and finished out in front by 6 points. A team composed of green ponies with their experienced riders rode along with the Fossils division, and it's always interesting to watch the ponies improve from session to session. That team was not scored, but got nice saddle pad as prizes.

The Intermediate division was dominated by the Aftershock team, which showed smooth, speedy play throughout the weekend, and finished out in front by 33 points with 164 pts.. Our other intermediate teams were primarily composed of younger riders or riders new to mounted games and played with a lot of determination and enthusiasm. Real Deal in Teal picked up a Masters rider on a green pony to complete the 5 man team and, finished second with 131 points, Third place Dynamite showed the same level of determination and energy and with their Masters rider on a greenie finished third with 121 points. Spontaneous Combustion had the widest range of ages and ponies for an Intermediate team, and although they were often chasing the top three teams, they cheered each other on, applauding all their riders efforts, finishing with 82 points. The fifth place team, Crescent Bay Pony Club was composed of 4 riders, not all of who had games experience, and some ponies who were new to games also, Crescent Bay's play improved exponentially over the three sessions, and by the final they were giving the other teams a run for it. It was very rewarding to watch the Crescent Bay ponies begin to understand what they were being asked to do, and to learn that the various equipment monsters strewn around the arena wouldn't bite. Crescent Bay finished with 56 points.

Our eight Masters teams have been going hard against each other all season, and this was no exception. By the end of the preliminary sessions, the top four teams were going into the final with just 8 points separating their scores. Teams are placed into the Finals session by their prelim points, so our A final was composed of Punk Rock Ponies with 77, Hit and Run with 74, Crash and Five tied with 69, and Italian Stallions with 58. B Final teams were Heartbreaks just four points below the Stallions with 54, Amp It Up with 43 and Quicksilver with 33. All points are wiped out for the final, and the teams begin at zero.

In the A final, all riders were pushing their ponies and their own skills to the max, with a full gallop at most finishes, and any mistakes becoming critical immediately. Punk Rock Ponies jumped out to a quick lead, winning the first 3 races, and no teams came close to them for the rest of the final. Punk Rock won an amazing 12 of 14 Finals races, which is not easy given the quality of the teams in the final, and finished out in front with 66 points. Italian Stallions, playing with their fifth rider who had been MIA for the prelim sessions finished second with 43 points. Hit and Run took third with 37, Five was fourth with 32 after two unfortunate eliminations, and Crash finished up the placings in fifth place with 30 points. All riders gave their utmost, and this was an example of a great Masters session.

The B final teams were well matched. Amp It Up took the early lead with 5 first place finishes in the first 6 races, but Quicksilver and Heartbreakers were right on their heels. An unhappy elimination hurt Heartbreakers in the third race, and then Quicksilver began to come on, winning 4 of the remaining races, while Amp It Up had an elimination in the Hula Hoop Race. Quicksilver had an opportunity to clinch the victory in the last race, Pony Pairs, but was eliminated, throwing the competition into a tiebreaker. Amp It Up took the tiebreaker and won the B Final at 42 points, Quicksilver also at 42 and Heartbreakers finished up with 36.

All riders received ribbons and nice prizes ranging from bridle bags, to saddle pads, to hay bags. to logo water bottles in neoprene cases. AS ALWAYS - these competitions could not be held without the help of many, many people, and Stacey and I very much appreciate the time and effort that everyone gives to make the MidAtlantics the successful and high quality series that it is. Thanks also to all the staff at Meadow Park, who are such a pleasure to work with and so willing to help us out in any way. We will be back at Meadow Park next year for MA II and IV - hope to see you there!

Anita Vassallo

Intermediate Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
B. Arens on Sierra
G. Arens on Fast Forward
A. Seymour on Cowboy
T. Arens on Annie
C. Nodler on Jitterbug
56 54 54 164
Real Deal In Teal
K. Fleming on Snickers
P. Kerstetter on Irish Rose
E. McBain on Maize
S. McBain on Truffles
S. Hsea on Willow
45 35 50 131
A. Steel on Fontiana
K. Newell on Babe
M. Milito on Ricochet
J. Blythe on Gilligan
K. Markmann on Rain
41 41 35 110
Spontaneous Combustion
J. Belshaw on Sarah
C. Carpenter on Scooby
M. Louis on Ebony
A. Farnsworth on Munchin
E. Leasure on Treasure Chest
25 25 32 82
Crescent Bay Pony Club
S. Johnson on Spanky
L. Backus on Colors
S. Lamb on Cookie
M. Benson on Coral
11 19 26 56


Masters Division


Amp It Up
L. Moffat on Pumpkin
A. Peterson on Ginger
S. Shea on Nikatta
A. Johnson on Poncho
A. Thornley on Tommy
Hit and Run
M. Griffin on ?
K. Crowley on Coco
L. Mitchell on Piper
R. Welniak on Tonka
S. Welniak on Chance
R. Cone on Jiminey
J. Hickock on Mini Penny
C. Hanagan on Zulu
J. Gates on Patches
S. Hickok on Copper Penny
Italian Stallions
E. Becker on Pepper
A. Cone on Beauty
J. Naji on Jack
J. Naji on Nico
T. Royer on Cudi
J. Cruikshanks on Wizard
M. Cruikshanks on Talula
S. Cruikshanks on Neska
L. Graham on Glory
J. Pillard on Bailey
Punk Rock Ponies
B. Calhoun on Henna
B. Calhoun on Jabubba
R. Whitehair on Cinnamon
M. Vassallo on Dusty
M. Taylor on Inky
L. Barbour on Cookie
C. Hutchins on Star
M. Dauzat on Joey
K. Stokes on Roxy
S. Stokes on Casie
D. Herbick on Cowboy
K. Markmann on Tex
J. Naji on Comanche
A. Royer on Sky
R. Cone on  ?

Saturday AM - Heat #1

Team Points
Hit N Run 34
Crash 33
Heartbreakers 28
Amp It Up 24

Saturday AM - Heat #2

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 41
Five 31
Italian Stallions 31
Quicksilver 17

Saturday PM - Heat #1

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 36
Crash 36
Italian Stallions 27
Amp It Up 19

Saturday PM - Heat #2

Team Points
Hit N Run 40
Five 38
Heartbreakers 26
Quicksilver 16

B Final

Team Points
Amp It Up 42+
Quicksilver 42
Heartbreakers 36

A Final

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 66
Italian Stallions 43
Hit N Run 37
Five 32
Crash 30


Novice Division




Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Purple Blueberries 15 20 15 50
Hard Rock Ponies 15 9 21 45
Peaches 12 13 17 42


Fossils Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Time Flies
N. Crowley on Marley
A. Desjardins on Penny
A .Frey on Logan
P. Pillard on Pinto
K. Reimund on Simon
16 17 - -
Old School
L. Arens on Blue
K. Muldoon on Simon
C. O'Connor on Zeke
K. Tracy on Gwen
19 18 - -

Green Ponies