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Organizer: Mark Washburn
Devon Horse Show
Devon, PA
Sep 17 - Sep 17, 2005
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If Devon showcased what we can do under the best of conditions, then this year's Gold Cup Exhibition defined what we can do and what we are made of under some of the most difficult imaginable.

As the National Anthem was sung, the bombs indeed could be heard bursting in air only a short distance away. The teams were lined up each holding their American flag as the storm approached in a massive display of light and thunder from the west. No sooner did we enter the ring did the first few drops begin to fall. This was just a hint of what was to follow. The DJ's cued U2's "Vertigo", the Speed Weavers was off, and the crowd was hooked. Friends in the audience heard discussions from those who had no idea what this was but they loved it. By the time we got through Mug Shuffle for the second race, the few drops had turned into a wind driven side ways full on deluge of a storm. There was no choice, everyone ran for cover.

For twenty minutes we sat and watched the most water fall in any given moment I have ever seen. By the time Sharon and myself emerged from our place of hiding to inspect the ring, that place more resembled a pond then our more familiar "Dixon Oval". At this point it was announced that the jumpers, the main event for the evenings performance, would be cancelled and tickets would be honored the following day. The sizable crowd had stayed intact through out the storm. Would they leave now? They made no move. They were waiting to see what we would do. They wanted to see us. From over the two ways the managers were calling, what do you want to do? The drains inside the ring were emptying the water as fast as they could, the footing felt good as I rode around to inspect the ring. All the teams waited at the gate, everybody wanted it. To hell with the pond, let's bring 'em in!

What followed was some of the wildest games riding seen. The DJ's were on their mark, the ring crew performed amazingly under conditions never seen. And what of the riders? Today we heard everything from sympathy to utter amazement. Not only did "the show go on", the evening had been saved. The manger today once again expressed his gratitude and admiration, and yes, we have been invited back next year! If this was our audition, we definitely hit a home run! Congratulations to all who were a part of this once in a lifetime event! I think the storm was the best thing that could have happened to us. It showed them what we are made of, what we can do, and that the crowd wanted to see us and proved it so.

Mark Washburn

Masters Division


Teams Totals
Punk Rock Ponies
B. Calhoun riding Bustin' Dust (VA)
B. Calhoun riding Ponch (VA)
J. Stewart riding Mocha (MD)
R. Whitehair riding Skee (VA)
C. Reilly riding Rubia (PA)
That's Hot
L. Roche riding Justin (NJ)
J. Imbriaco riding Mistic (NJ)
N. Ellis riding Porsche (NJ)
H. Cullinane riding Murphy (NJ)
S. Cone riding Misty (MD)
Chain Reaction
R. Korn riding Shortie (NY)
D. Huntsman riding Chablis (PA)
A. Crossett riding Spunky
L. Crowl (OH)
American Beauties
J. Naji riding Lilly (PA)
J. Jelinek riding Comanche (PA)
A. Royer riding Anne (PA)
N. Smith riding Danni (PA)
M. Washburn riding White Devil (PA)
V. Brown riding Sprite (MD)
J. Hoke riding Somerset (aka Pony) (VA)
J. Cone riding Razzle (MD)
K. Crowley riding Pumpkin Pie
H. Caniglia riding Scooby (PA)