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Organizer: Mark Washburn
Devon Horse Show
Devon, PA
May 27 - May 31, 2005
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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few days, you are already aware that something amazing just took place at the Devon Horse Show. We who were there, those who helped in the ring and behind the scenes, witnessed and were a part of history being made as the sport of mounted games took some very decisive steps into the mainstream of horse sport and popular awareness. From those in charge, to those in the crowd who had little or no knowledge of what they were about to see, over and over did we hear of how exciting it was and professional the production. Devon was astonished by our crew, five minutes average set up time, two minutes per race set up to completion. No sooner did the teams finish did they turn around and go again. For their part, the teams flowed from one race to the next, switching lanes and moving riders to the other end as fast as the crew could set with each race being run often under a minute by all five teams. How exciting for the crowd to witness a show worthy of any professional production with some of the best games riders around. Many people who had never seen the sport before sought out our riders afterwards to find out more. People in the audience picked out their favorite teams to cheer for, and I think the Devon ring crew even had a few friendly wagers going on!

Thanks to everyone, the riders, ring crew, Miriam our stylish starter, Geoff our D.J., the MGAA staffers and parents and friends who all came together to make this event possible. Though it was given to me as a thank you, I feel compelled to share with all of you something written by one of the riders, Jon Hoke, as I feel it applies to everyone involved in the success of Mounted Games,... and is a great poem too!

"To be a sport of value and worth, it must be exciting and new.
But push and pull are required henceforth, and that is what you do.
And to that end you give your all, hospitality and sprits too
'Ho!' you say, 'I'm in for the long haul,
And for that, we say, 'Thank you!'

Mark Washburn

Masters Division


Team Fri 5/27 Sun 5/29 Tue 5/31 Total
Punk Rock Ponies
B. Calhoun riding Bustin' Dust/Poncho (VA)
B. Calhoun riding Ponch (VA)
J. Stewart riding Mocha (MD)
R. Whitehair riding Skee/Maize (VA)
A. Royer riding Annie (PA)
38 32 32 99
V. Brown riding Sprite (MD)
J. Hoke riding Somerset (aka Pony) (VA)
J. McCready riding Nitro (VA)
M. Vassallo riding Sebastian (MD)
27 30 27 84
American Beauties
J. Naji riding Lilly (PA)
J. Jelinek riding Comanche (PA)
C. Mealing riding Billy (PA)
N. Smith riding Danny (PA)
M. Washburn riding Slim Shady (PA)
26 31 26 83
K. Caddel riding Macy (KY)
K. Nicopoulos riding Osh Kosh/Rubia (SC)
D. Sargent riding Rubia/Ricochet (SC)
R. Korn riding Shorty (NY)
C. Rutledge riding Silver Belle (VA) (Fri/Sun)
H. Caniglia riding Scooby (PA) (Tue)
29 22 28 79
That's Hot
H. Cullinane (NJ)
N. Ellis (NJ)
J. Imbriaco (NJ) (Fri)
K. Markmann riding Sunny (PA)
L. Roche (NJ) (Fri)
E. Boyd (Sun/Tue)
G. Schelling riding Creamsicle (Sun/Tue)
15 18 24 57