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Organizer: Linda Caddel
Kentucky Horse Park
Lexington, KY
Jul 29 - Jul 30, 2005
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We had an incredible competition/warmup for Pony Club Championships this past weekend at Breyerfest. Six championship-bound teams competed representing all 3 divisions: junior, senior and advanced.

The audience was wonderful. We were given 40 minutes each day and we were able to get 11 races in each session. Thanks to Carol Bertilson and her wonderful ring crew, setup was fantastic. The audience had an opportunity to pick their favorites and follow them along. Beth Lough wore a remote mic and announced from the arena floor. Jeff Porter called the races from the announcer's booth.

Breyerfest was so impressed with the kids that they presented each of them with a special release Breyer horse following the final session. We have a standing invitation to bring our kids back. I believe most of these kids are MGAA members. Their composure on the field was amazing because we did get some good crowd reaction going!

Linda Caddel

Thanks to Linda Caddel for organizing the 2005 MGAA Breyerfest Games Exhibition. Thanks also to all our riders who made the trip once again to Lexington so close to USPC Championship


Teams July 29 July 30 July 31 Total
Egg Fu Chicken (Advanced)
A. Lough and M. Lough - Heartland Region
A. Bertilson - Heartland Region
K. Caddel - Midsouth Region
73 64 62 199
Clock Stoppers (Senior)
C. Foreman - Heartland Region
G. Barnett - Midsouth Region
B. Soto, D. Deboer, S. Redmond - Great Lakes Region
55 52 70 177
Leaping Lizards (Senior)
B. Goncharoff, H. Dunham, J. Leonard, L. Griffin - Midsouth Region
R. Nygard - Virginia Region
51 49 59 159
Psychos (Junior)
A. Raynor, J. Porter, J. Reed, S. Raynor - Heartland Region
S. Jones - North Central Prairie Region
54 54 48 156
Skittles (Junior)
M. Niblack, K. Deboer, N. Ostrander - Great Lakes Region
W. Henry, J. Caddel - Midsouth Region
32 40 42 114
Candyland (Junior)
L. Griffin, M. Griffin, I. Johnson, K. Lockhart, E. Van Dissel - Midsouth Region
32 33 36 101