View Results - Snowball Series #1

Organizer: Linda Caddell
Kentucky Horse Park
Lexington, KY
Dec 13 - Dec 13, 2003
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Report from the 2nd Annual Snowball Series #1
Submitted by Linda Caddel

The winter mounted games season kicked off in great fashion December 13 as a hardy troop of riders met at the Kentucky Horse Park for a full day of competition. Proving once again what a hardy and determined lot we are, riders trailered from Tennessee, Virginia, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.

While flu was garnering headlines in the newspapers, it also claimed a few teams. We hope the Raynors from Indiana and the “Pink Elephants” from Stones River Pony Club are recovered and able to join us in January.

We tried some games new to Snowball at this session in addition to our traditional favorites. New to the roster were Tent Pegging, Canadian Race and the Turkey Race. A pairs division was added this year which proved very popular. It is much easier to pull together two riders to ride together in the off season. During the day snow started falling at a good rate. We were sorry to see the Purple Sparkly Gerbils have to withdraw in order to get home safely.

We want to thank our supporters of this first Snowball. Farmers Feed Mill donated t-shirts that were given as some awards. Kentucky Equine Research provided awards bags for all competitors. We also want to thank our photographer, Butch Housman.

Thank you to Debbie & Chelsea Bush for supplying part of the games equipment, and to Donna McCready who helped to transport all of the equipment back and forth from Caddel Farm to the Kentucky Horse Park. And many thanks to all of the competitors and families who announced, scored, officiated, set equipment in the cold and snow. Our sport cannot function without you!

Our next Snowball is January 11 at the Kentucky Horse Park! If you don’t have an entry, you can contact Linda at for an entry form.

Fossils Division


Team Points
Zippy Chickies I
L. Caddel riding Merlin
D. McCready riding Midnight
Girl Friends
S. Osborn riding Amber
Zippy Chickies II
D. Bush riding Salvador Dali
L. Goncharoff riding Percy


Green Pony Division


Team Points
G. Bebensee riding Libby
M. Clements riding Holly
D. Phillips riding Clover
Tie Dye Troublemakers
C. Foreman riding Ruby
S. Foreman riding Blue
B. Reed riding Mini
C. Benson riding Annie
L. Goncharoff riding Just Jack
H. Reeley riding Macy


Open Division


Team Points
Fat Penguins
K. Caddel riding Macy
J. McCready riding Nitro
Holy Cows!
D. Phillips riding Earlmont’s Sunshine
J. Voss riding Prince Unlimited
C. Foreman riding Charlie
J. Porter riding Tiny
2 Lizards
S. Holmes riding Zoie
D. Johnson riding Chips Ahoy
B. Goncharoff riding Amber
L. Griffin riding Tootsie Roll
Mutt & Jeff
C. Wind
M. Wind riding Scout


Masters Division


Team Points
S. Bush riding Rosie
K. Caddel riding Macy
M. Clements riding Merlin
J. McCready riding Nitro
Holy Cows!
K. Osborne riding Dapper Dan
D. Phillips riding Lamont’s Sunshine
M. Schmid riding Crown Jewels
J. Voss riding Prince Unlimited
C. Foreman riding Charlie
J. Porter riding Tiny Dancer
J. Reed riding Ruby
B. Reed riding Sammy


Novice Division


Team Points
Chillie Willies
S. Foreman riding Blue
J. Reed riding Mini
H. Reeley riding Macy
M. Wind riding Scout
Flame Flyers
L. Griffin riding Ginny
M. Griffin riding Sir Marshmallow
L. Harral riding Coco
I. Johnson riding Belmont
J. Leonard riding Bailey
Harry Potters
J. Caddel riding Blueberry Muffin
H. Dunham riding Pocket
N. Greathouse riding Sweet Pea
A. Benson riding Lil
C. Benson riding Annie
J. McCready riding Tex
K. Schmoke riding Miss Tee