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Organizer: Anita Vassallo
Shotwell Farm
Charles Town, WV
Oct 23 - Oct 23, 2004
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Whoever watches over games players smiled down on October 23rd, as the 8th biannual Antietam Pony Club No Guts, No Glory Games Challenge took place on a beautiful sunny fall day, the only non rainy day in a week of showers.  66 riders took part in a great competition, with many of the 66 riding in two divisions.

Only one entry for the Novice division this year, but what a gutsy team it was.  This young (and small!) team chose to play along side the junior division, and made it through all of the junior games, including hula hoop and litter!  Kudos to the Patriotic Ponies and it can’t be long before they move up to the Junior division.

The Junior division was taken by the Spicy Hot scramble team with a decisive 13 point lead.  Other teams in this division played well, but were plagued by eliminations, with both the Grand Finale scramble team and the Panthers taking 3 each.  The Pink Punks team played a steady game, but had 2 E’s also. On the brighter side, the Flames team, which is fairly new to this level of games competition was the ONLY team to correctly play the Mug Race, which gave them a quick 6 points.  Pays to know your rules!

Senior division play was fast and hard, as is usually the case at the Challenge.  The 2004 Junior division champion team, the Love Bugs, tested their mettle against the big kids and came out on top by 3 points.  The fearsome Fast and Furious team had a slightly different lineup this time around, with two players from the Carolina Region joining in, and they came in just behind the Bugs.  The Red Bull team, composed of Seneca Valley experienced games players, edged out the fourth place Road Rage team by just two points to take third.  Also playing in this division was the Old School team,  whose total years playing highly competitive games must add up to over 50.  This team rode HC, and had a very respectable point total by the end.

Advanced play was wild and wooly with 15 pairs of riders participating.  Top team was Double Trouble, the Calhoun sisters’ juggernaut.  This time around they didn’t stomp the competition as hard as they often do, since the Fast Break team was on their heels with only 5 points separating them.  Exciting play by all teams was the rule.  All teams made it into at least one final heat, and with three qualifying heats only the top two teams in each have a chance for points.  This division was a little dampened by a bad fall taken by one of the Laugh A Lot members, who had to be transported to the hospital with a possible broken collarbone.  We all wish her a quick recovery and return to mounted games action.

Our Parent Division morphed into a Parent/Green Pony/Novice Division by popular demand.  A Green Pony division seems to be the hot thing these days, which is a big change from the first years of the Challenge, when if a rider had one good games pony they were quite lucky.  Now, more and more players have a young pony they’re bringing along, and they appreciate the opportunity to put some low level competition miles on the young’ns.  That said, the division was still ruled by a true parent team, Turn N’ Burn, who edged out the Green Pony team of Abby and Brett by one point.  The Green Pony team of Michelle and Jackie (Michelle actually qualifying as a Parent also) was close behind for third, and the Novice/Parent scramble team of Horse on Course cruised in at fourth.

Everyone seemed to have a great day, there was lots of laughing, cheering, trash talking and just generally having fun going on.  An exceptional food booth offered great fare no matter what your tastes, and everyone pitched in to help.  Thanks from Antietam Pony Club to all who played or volunteered, and we’ll see you again in the spring.

Anita Vassallo

Novice Division


Team Points
Patriotic Ponies
J. Huber riding Razzmatazz
S. Knckles riding Sam's Kalico
K. Havrilla riding Winnie
M. Schenck riding Sadie Rose
J. Cullinane riding Mischief


Junior Division


Team Points
Spicy Hot
M. Lengel riding Volcanic Ash
J. Schenck riding Apple Dapple
M. Read riding Mr. Boone
C. Brown riding Piglet
I. Brace riding Misty
L. Barbour riding Touche
E. Becker riding Corky
M. Taylor riding Irish Rose
S. Kepner riding Knick Knack
Grande Finale
A. Cone riding Fury
E. LaFave riding Pete
A. Benitez riding Powder
A. Shermer riding Tally Ho
Pink Punks
D. Hill riding Skip
C. Porter riding CiCi
K. Huber riding Sebastian
M. Hill riding Peek-a-boo
C. Reilly riding Checkered Flag
C. Gravatt-Ferris riding Cotton Candy
E. Peterman riding Daaghn
T. Trovillion riding Buddy
M. Clay riding Rose


Senior Division


Team Points
Love Bugs
A. Shemer riding Cinbad
B. Calhoun riding Ponch
R. Whitehair riding Skee
J. Stewart riding Bascall
L. Mitchell riding Tease
Fast & Furious
D. Sargent riding Maxwell
S. Hickok riding Copper Penny
S. Welniak riding Chance
R. Welniak riding Flash
K. Nicopoulos riding Maize
Red Bull
L. Shaffer riding Yogi Bear
R. Fortier riding Cowboy
M. Herbick riding Squiggles
D. Herbick riding For Pete's Sake
A. Wendling riding Star
Road Rage
B. Calhoun riding Bustin' Dust
A. Scarborough riding Jenny
A. Lake riding Jenga
J. Cone riding Razzle
C. Rutledge riding Silver Belle
Old School
V. Brown riding Sprite
D. Wiseman riding Chablis
R. Vit riding Rose
E. Schmitt riding Holland
M. Vassallo riding Sebastian
41 (HC)


Advanced Pairs Division


Team Points
Double Trouble
B. Calhoun riding Dusty
B. Calhoun riding Ponch
Fast Break
M. St. Angelo riding JD
S. Welniak riding Chance
Adrenaline Rush
K. Nicopoulos riding Maize
D. Sargent riding Max
J. McCready riding Bacall
S. Hickok riding Copper Penny
Freak N Hot
V. Brown riding Sprite
J. Hoke riding Somerset
R Vit riding Rose
E Schmitt riding Holland
Laughs A Lot
D. Wiseman riding Chablis
J. Schwallenberg riding Allawhoosh
Red Bull
R. Fortier riding Cowboy
M. Herbick riding Squiggles
Code Orange
R. Whitehair riding Skee
M. Vassallo riding Sebastian
Bahama Mamas
S. Stalter riding Domino
R. Welniak riding Flash
J. Cone riding Razzle
R. Freeman riding Freddie Mac
Outer Limits
M. Gilley riding Spencer
C. Rutledge riding Silver Belle
Road Rage
A. Scarborough riding Jenny
A. Lake riding Jenga
Hot Stuff
J. Schenck riding Apple Dapple
S. Ritter riding Popeye
L. Beckwith riding Katy
C. Reilly riding Rubia


Parents Division


Team Points
Turn N Burn
J. Whitehair riding Skee
S. Calhoun riding JD
Abby & Brett
A. Gibbon riding Chance
B. Calhoun riding Friday
Michelle & Jackie
M. Reilly riding Chief
J. Stewart riding Mocha
Horse on Course
D. McCready riding Midnight
R. Cone riding Buckles