View Results - Mid-Atlantic Games Series #4

Organizer: Donna McCready
Jefferson County Fairgrounds
Kearneysville, WV
Oct 02 - Oct 03, 2004
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Mid-Atlantic Games Series Cup Winners

1st - Fast and Furious
2nd - White Ice
3rd - Punk Rock Ponies

Fossils Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Final
Zippy Chickies
D. McCready riding Midnight
L. Caddel riding Merlin
D. Bush riding Rosie
D. Hickok riding Wise Guy
29 20 36 85
Yo Momma
C. Daniels riding Monte
V. Markus riding Maggie
C. Reilly riding Chief
K. Wilson riding Cosmic Charlie
22 20 25 69
Turn & Burn
S. Calhoun riding JD
J. Whitehair riding Skee
M. Reilly riding Tease
A. Vassallo riding Cinbad
21 14 18 60


Novice Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Chick Flicks
C. Brown riding Piglet
M. Reed riding Mr. Boon
A. Schemmer riding Tally-Ho
C. Jenkins
R. Cone
19 14 22 55
Cruise Control
A. Cone
E. LaFave riding Joker
A. Dyson riding Prince
A. Benitez riding Powder
16 13 23 52


Masters Division


Fast N Furious (MD)
J. Hickok riding Alley Cat
S. Hickok riding Copper Penny
K. Sunderland riding Quizzie
R. Vit riding Rosie
E. Schmitt riding Holland
Stars (MD/VA)
K. Wilson riding Osh Kosh
L. Beckwith riding Katie
C. Reilly riding Rubia
E. LaFave riding Mariah
A. Simpson riding Walnut
Punk Rock Ponies (VA)
R. Horn riding Two Bits
J. Stewart riding Bacall
B. Calhoun riding Ponch
B. Calhoun riding Bustin' Dust
R. Whitehair riding Maize
That's Hot (NJ)
A. Maddalena riding Sassy
J. Ellis riding M Valentine
N. Ellis riding Lady
H. Cullanine riding Murphy Brown
M. Markus riding Dakota
Pure Guava (PA)
J. Naji riding White Devil
L. Machion riding Billy
K. Markman riding Sunny
A. Royer riding Annie
M. Washburn riding Pippin
White Ice
V. Brown riding Sprite
M. Vassallo riding Sebastian
J. McCready riding Nitro
J. Hoke riding Somerset Bay
K. Caddel riding Mazie
Red Bull (MD/VA)
J. Cone riding Fury
S. Cone riding Snickers
A. Scarborough riding Jenny Bug
C. Rutledge riding Fury
R. Fortier riding Cowboy


Session 1, Heat 1

Team Points
Fast and Furious 38
That's Hot 34
Stars 30
Red Bull 12


Session 1, Heat 2

Team Points
White Ice 44
Punk Rock Ponies 39
Pure Guava 21


Session 2, Heat 1

Team Points
White Ice 39
Pure Guava 29
That's Hot 27
Red Bull 24


Session 2, Heat 2

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 45
Fast and Furious 37
Stars 26


A Final

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 50
Fast and Furious 43
White Ice 39
That's Hot 17


B Final

Team Points
Pure Guava 32
Stars 29
Red Bull 29