View Results - Mid-Atlantic Games Series #1

Organizer: Stacey Calhoun
Jefferson County Fairgrounds
Kearneysville, WV
Apr 03 - Apr 04, 2004
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When we saying we’re playing regardless of the weather, we mean it!

The first in the four series MidAtlantic competition took place on a weekend more suited to early March than the first weekend of April.  Rain in the area from Tuesday to Saturday failed to keep avid games riders away from the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Ranson, WV.

Saturday began with the Fossils division running in a fine drizzle, but fortunately the footing in the competition arena was quite good with only one large puddle at the start end.  Two Fossils pairs, Turn N Burn and 911, and one trio, Old Enough to Know Better,  matched skills, with each team made up of at least one experienced player and one brand new to games.  As always in this division the cries of “Go Mommy!!”, could be heard from start to finish.  (No Dads this time around!).  This heat ended with Turn N Burn well out in front.

The 5 Novice pairs came on right after the Fossils, and showed some of the best Novice play yet seen in MGAA competition.  Teams competing were the Silver Knights, Rainbow Riders, Blusie Floosies, Pink Panthers and the Dumbstruck Ponies. Some of these speedy young pairs could have given the Masters a run for the money, and little ponies showed that they can run just as fast as the big dogs.  Even the youngest and newest pair to games competition, the Dumbstruck Ponies, kept up with everyone else.

The first heat of the Master session began in slightly better conditions, as the rain had decided to give us a break.  Teams White Ice, Fast and Furious and Trix R 4 Kids ran well through the 12 games, with White Ice and Fast Furious separated by only one point at the end of the heat.  Second heat teams were the Stars, Red Hot Spicy Senoritas and the Love Bugs. The Bugs dominated this heat with 8 first place finishes out of 12 games, with the Stars and Senoritas spaced out for second and third.

Fossils second session play showed that the newbie players were beginning to get the hang of it, and although once again Turn N Burn dominated, some trash talking at the beginning of mug shuffle by a Turn N Burn member was shut down when the talker missed her mug AND broke the pole ($5 please!).

The Novice second session showed an improvement in several of the teams from the morning, with the Blusie Floosies coming on strong to tie the Silver Knights for first place in this heat.

By the time the first heat of the Masters second session commenced, the sun was out!  Jackets were shed by the equipment crew and the Love Bugs, Fast and Furious and Trix R 4 Kids worked through the 11 games.  Once again, the sight of those blue mailboxes used in Daily Mail gave several ponies pause, and the spectator-popular three legged race entertained the onlookers.

Master second session heat 2 was made up of White Ice, Stars and Senoritas.  This session was interrupted by a bad spill taken by one of the Stars during Tent Pegging, which necessitated an emergency call and transport to a local hospital. Fortunately, the rider, although well banged up and bruised, was released from the hospital that afternoon with a mild concussion.

It would be nice to say the second day of play dawned clear and beautiful, but that would be a lie.  No rain, but dropping temperatures and windy conditions convinced the organizers to shorten this day’s finals, and 8 races were run for the Fossils and Novices, with Master allotted 12.

In Fossils action, the dominating Turn N Burn team began to have a few issues, and the 911 team came on strong.  However, the commanding lead taken by Turn N Burn on the first day was too much to overcome, and the final placings for this division were Turn N Burn first, Old Enough to Know Better second and 911 third.

Silver Knights and Rainbow Riders once again traded first place finishes in the final heat with the Blusie Floosies close behind.  Naughty pony behavior on the youngest team required a change in mount, and the very experienced games pony Please Don’t Tease warmed up for Masters play by showing those novice ponies how to behave for a young rider.  The Silver Knights held on to their lead from Saturday and final placing was Silver Knights, Rainbow Riders, Blusie Floosies, Dumbstruck Ponies and Pink Panthers.

The Masters A Final was run first, with the 3 teams being White Ice, Fast and Furious and the Love Bugs. This was an extremely close final with all three teams separated by 1 point by the eighth game.  Fast and Furious held on by the skin of their team to take first, and White Ice beat the Love Bugs by one point for second.

The Masters B Final took place in blustery cold, but the riders were up to the conditions. The Senoritas started strong, but a couple of DQs knocked them too far behind the Stars to catch up.  Trix R 4 Kids had their best showing with a first place finish in mug shuffle.  This team traveled from New Jersey to play in their first MGAA competition, and plan to attend the second MidAtlantic in May.  Final placing in the Masters B was Stars, Senoritas and Trix.

Although the weather could have been MUCH better, everyone agreed that the competition was great.  Thanks go out to the following officials for their time and effort – Donna McCready, head guru of equipment and TD; Michelle Reilly, wielder of the magical flag and oracle of rules (also known as the referee), and Sharon Brown, scorer (and she did it all in her head!) and sound equipment purveyor.  Thanks also to ALL of the sterling volunteers who ran equipment under trying circumstances, judged lines and finishes, or helped in other ways, and although I will not name names, there were several people who spent MOST of the competition, when not riding, helping out.  We know who you are – and to all of you goes the Golden Orb of MGAA – without volunteers, these competitions cannot happen.  Hope to see everyone at the MidAtlantic 2, scheduled for May 1&2 at the PG Equestrian Center. Oh, and do the organizer a favor – get your entries in ON TIME!

Fossils Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Total
Turn N Burn
S. Calhoun and JD
C. Vincent and Stocking Stuffer
27 21 65
Old Enough to Know Better
D. Hickok and Copper Penny
A. Vassallo and Cinbad
S. Murdock-Fox and Midnight 
18 18 54
J. Whitehair and Skee
C. Daniels and Monte
14 14 41


Novice Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Total
Silver Knights
C. Brown and Piglet
J. Dobson and Day Dreamer
34 31 102
Rainbow Riders
A. Vincent and Snowflake
D. Vincent and Oreo  
36 27 96
Blusie Floosies
A. Lake and Jenga
M. Gilley and Spencer
35 14 90
Dumbstruck Ponies
A. Fox and Trigger
L. Fox and Chuckles
23 18 51
Pink Panthers
A. Shermer and Freddie Mac
L. Mitchell and Windchase
21 14 50


Masters Division


K. Wilson and Osh Kosh
K. Wilson and Cosmic Charlie
L. Beckwith and Cowboy
C. Reilly and Rubia
J. Kisiel and Skee
Red Hot Spicy Senoritas
K. Gallahan and Suzy
J. Walker and Nikki
A. Scarborough and Jenny
R. Horn and Two Bits
S. Lowe and Paris 
Trix R 4 Kids                            
K. Daniels and Monte
A. Maddalena and Poni
J. Ellis and My Valentine
M. Markus and Codey
K. Weiditz and Midnight 
Fast and Furious
J. Hickok and Copper Penny
S. Hickok and Wise Guy
S. Stalter and Domino
R. Welniak and Flash
White Ice
J. Hoke and Somerset
V. Brown and Sprite
J. McCready and Nitro
M. Vassallo and Sebastian
M. St. Angelo and Poncho 
Love Bugs
B. Calhoun and Dusty
B. Calhoun and Ponch
R. Whitehair and Maisy
J. Stewart and Bacall
C. Miller and Please Don’t Tease


Session 1, Heat 1

Team Points
Love Bugs 31
Stars 23
Red Hot Spicy Senoritas 18


Session 1, Heat 2

Team Points
White Ice 28
Fast and Furious 27
Trix R 4 Kids 18


Session 2, Heat 1

Teams Points
Love Bugs 27
Fast and Furious 24
Trix R 4 Kids 11


Session 2, Heat 2

Team Points
White Ice 31
Stars 19
Red Hot Spicy Senoritas 15


A Finals

Team Points
Fast and Furious 26
White Ice 23
Love Bugs 22


B Finals

Team Points
Stars 27
Red Hot Spicy Senoritas 23
Trix R 4 Kids 17