View Results - MGAA Games Festival and Founder's Cup

Organizer: Diane Hickok
Prince George's Equestrian Center
Upper Marlboro, MD
Nov 13 - Nov 14, 2004
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The MGAA Games Fall Festival was held the weekend of November 13/14 at the Prince George’s Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  The PGEC is a beautiful facility and we ALL enjoyed the brand new HEATED announcer/secretary building.

In the combined Fossils/Novice/Green Ponies division we had three pairs of riders competing.  D McCready and D Hickok paired up as team Gray Matter.  K Wilson with her green pony, Cosmic Charlie paired up with games newbie, S Murdock for team Wild Things.  After the two Saturday sessions these teams had fought to a deadlock tie with 39 points each.  Novice, A Fox took over for her Mom, S Murdock on Sunday to pick up more games experience.  Gray Matter took first with Wild Things placing second.  Novices, A Fox, and M Lengel played well against the Fossils and picked up valuable games playing time.  They took first in the Novice division.

Many of our local teams were unable to compete due to other commitments, but we still had 3 teams from MD, VA, and PA playing in the Master’s division.  Fast and Furious was made up of a combination of players from White Ice and Fast and Furious.  V Brown and J Hoke who were also playing in the Founder’s Cup borrowed ponies from riders not attending to compete in the Masters Division.  They rode with 3 members of the Fast and Furious team, S Hickok, J Hickok, and S Welniak.  Team Beauty and the Beast traveled down from PA with riders M Washburn, J Naji, K Markmann, C Mealing, and M Lynch.  The Stars team with veterans K Wilson and C Reilly paired up with newbies, K Sunderland and  J Schenck.

Fast and Furious took a big lead in Saturday’s sessions and never looked back.  They also won Sunday’s session taking first place for the weekend.  Team Beauty and the Beast battled it out with Team Stars on Saturday but then improved their play on Sunday to take second place overall.  Stars played tough and took home third place.

As part of the Games Fall Festival, MGAA proudly sponsored the first Founder’s Cup on Nov 13/14 at the Prince George’s Equestrian Center.  USMGA co-founder, Nancy Lindamood generously donated the MGAA Founder’s Cup trophy. The MGAA Founder’s Cup was open to the first six place finishers in the Advanced Pairs division at the USPC Championships held in Lexington, KY last July.  Teams Quicksilver (5th) and Fire Starters (4th) were unable to attend so the seventh place team; OutKasts was also invited to play.  

A combination of USPC and MGAA games were played in two fast pace sessions on Saturday and a finals on Sunday. The teams competing for the Founder’s Cup were:

Freak N Hot, J Hoke (Virginia), V Brown (Capital) – 1st place at Nationals
Georgia Girls, S Kickbush, K Edwards (South) – 2nd at Nationals
Marbles, R Vit, E Schmitt (Capital) – 3rd at Nationals
Wasabi – M Vassallo (Maryland), J McCready (Virginia)
OutKasts – L Pitts, R Freeman (Capital)
After Saturday’s first session on 10 games, team Freak N Hot held a six-point lead over team Wasabi.  Marbles was in third and out of second by only one point.  Georgia Girls and OutKasts were in fourth and fifth respectively and only a point apart.

In Saturday’s second session, Freak N Hot added 10 points to their total lead.  Marbles played well and took over second place from Wasabi.  Georgia Girls and OutKasts played hard and pushed Wasabi hard for the third place slot.

The end of Saturday’s sessions found Freak N Hot with a total of 87 points; Marbles with 70 points; Wasabi with 67 points; Georgia Girls with 53 points; and Out Kasts with 49 points.

Sunday brought more great games play by all teams.  Freak N Hot won the Sunday session by 6 points to take first with a total of 135 points. Wasabi who took a solid second in Sunday session won the battle for second over team Marbles.  They finished with 109 points.  Marbles had many tough decisions on Sunday and finished third overall with 105 points.  Georgia Girls rounded out the weekend with a total of 82 points to take fourth.  In fifth was team OutKasts with 75 points.

MGAA would like to thank Nancy Lindamood for her donation of the Founder’s Cup trophy.  We will seeing a lot of it over the years.  Thanks also go to organizer, Diane Hickok.  Without her tireless efforts, this competition would not have been held.  Thanks also to all the parents, friends, and riders for helping out with all the organizational tasks and equipment crew tasks.  Without all of you dedicated volunteers, MGAA would not be able to host such fun and competitive events.

Open Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Gray Matter
D. McCready riding Midnight
D. Hickok riding Herbie
30 19 34 83
Wild Things
K. Wilson riding Cosmic Charlie
S. Murdock/A. Fox riding Pretty Polly
29 20 18 67
Tidal Wave - Novice
A. Fox riding Trigger
M. Lengel riding Volcanic Ash
13 15 20 48


Masters Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Fast and Furious
J. Hickok riding Maxwell
S. Hickok riding Copper Penny
V. Brown riding Wise Guy
S. Welniak riding Phat Chance
J. Hoke riding Chablis
33 27 30 90
Beauty and the Beast
M. Washburn riding White Devil
J. Naji riding LIttle Orphan Annie
K. Markmann riding Sweet Potato Pie
C. Mealing riding Purple Lilly
M. Lynch riding Babe
21 19 25 66
K. Wilson riding Osh Kosh
C. Reilly riding Rubia
J. Schenck riding Apple Dapple
K. Sunderland riding Quizzy
18 14 17 48


Founder's Cup Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Freak N Hot
(Virginia/Capital Region)
J. Hoke riding Somerset
V. Brown riding Sprite
45 42 48 135
(Virginia/Maryland Region)
M. Vassallo riding Sebastian
J. McCready riding Nitro
39 28 42 109
(Capital Region)
E. Schmitt riding Holland
R. Vit riding Rose
38 32 35 105
Georgia Girls
(South Region)
S. Kickbush riding Cherokee
K. Edwards riding Indiana Jones
28 25 29 82
(Capital Region)
L. Pitts riding Snowman
R. Freeman riding Freddie Mac
27 22 26 75