View Results - Firecracker Pairs Open

Organizer: Sharon Brown
Neersville Field
Neersville, VA
Jul 10 - Jul 10, 2004
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The MGAA Firecracker Pairs Open was missing the cicadas but we had plenty of mosquitoes and gnats to make up for them.

The Fossils division took a big hit with a couple of competitors out with injuries.  D McCready and A Vassallo hung in there for the first session but even A Vassallo gave up the ghost for the second session.  D McCready continued to work Midnight out against the Green Ponies and Novice teams.

Green Ponies had two teams competing, Fast Lane and California Dreaming.  The two Novice teams, Eat My Dust and Terrible Twosome were out there preparing for USPC Nationals.

Masters had eight teams, Freak N Hot, Playing with Fire, OutKasts, Bumble Bees, Double Trouble, Outer Limits, Pink Panthers, and Mismatch.

See all the results below.

Report from Sharon Brown, Firecracker Pairs Co-organizer

Fossils Division


Team Session 1 Session 2
Old Enough To Know Better
D. McCready riding Midnight
A. Vassallo riding Cinbad Silver Dice
18 N/A


Green Pony Division


Team Session 1 Session 2
Fast Lane
B. Calhoun riding Friday
R. Whitehair
35 25
Old Stars
C. Reilly riding Chief
A. ???
26 20


Novice Division


Team Session 1 Session 2
Eat My Dust
M. Taylor riding Irish Rose
E. Becker
35 27
Terrible Twosome
L. Barbour
I. Brace
29 29


Masters Division


Bumble Bees
R. Fortier riding Petey
M. Herbick riding Squiggles
Outer Limits
C. Reilly riding Rubia
M. Gilley riding Midnight
Double Trouble
B. Calhoun riding Bustin' Dust
B. Calhoun riding Ponch
L. Pitts riding Snowman
R. Freeman
Freak N Hot
V. Brown riding Sprite
J. Hoke riding Somerset
Pink Panthers
L. Mitchell riding Poncho
A. Shemer riding Cinbad Silver Dice
J. Steward riding
R. Whitehair riding Skee
Playing with Fire
M. St Angelo riding Poncho
M. Vassallo riding Sebastian


AM Session, Heat 1

Team Points
Freak N Hot 46
Playing with Fire 40
OutKasts 35
Bumble Bees 27


AM Session, Heat 2

Team Points
Double Trouble 51
Mismatch 39
Outer Limits 33
Pink Panthers 20


PM Session, Heat 1

Team Points
OutKasts 39
Bumble Bees 37
Outer Limits 26
Pink Panthers 18


PM Session, Heat 2

Team Points
Double Trouble 37
Freak N Hot 31
Playing with Fire 29
Mismatch 23