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Organizer: Mark Washburn
Devon Horse Show
Devon, PA
May 28 - May 28, 2004
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What a glorious site... at exactly 9:00pm, 30 MGAA t-shirt clad games equipment crew members streamed out under the lights of the main arena at the oldest continuous horse show, Devon.  As rehearsed, several volunteers were pulling the ropes used to mark the start and cross-over lines while five younger crew members ran five measuring tapes the length of the arena.  These were quickly followed by more equipment crew members dropping bending poles at predetermined points along the outstretched measuring tape.  Soon the arena was filled with dozens of volunteers pounding in bending poles. carrying in equipment, and setting up the starting line.  Within minutes the competition field was ready.

Meanwhile the DJ and the announcer were preparing the hundreds of interested spectators for the upcoming competition.  No one left their seats in anticipation of this highly entertaining exhibition. Hundreds of youngsters crowded the arena wall for a better view.

While the crowd cheered, the teams were announced:  White Ice with riders from VA and MD and dressed in white polos, Punk Rock Ponies with riders from VA, MD, and WV dressed in gold polos, Fast and Furious with riders from MD dressed in black polos, American Beauties with riders from PA dressed in blue polos, and Zebras with riders from PA dressed in red polos.

After circling the field and waving to the crowd, the riders lined up for the first race, Bending, and the starter dropped the flag with great fanfare.  Punk Rock Ponies showed everyone how the race was played and finished first followed by the Zebras.  After fixing a knocked over bending pole, White Ice recovered enough to finish third. Fast and Furious and American Beauties finished fourth and fifth respectively.

The crowd was hooked now and began cheering for their favorite teams.  After a short break to fix broken poles, sword was the next race up.  Once again Punk Rock Ponies took first in a near flawless race, followed by White Ice, American Beauties, Fast and Furious and Zebras.

Mug Shuffle, Hi-Lo, Sock and Litter followed in quick succession.  Punk Rock Ponies had won 5 of the first 6 races and had a 10 point lead over the White Ice team. The other four teams were spaced evenly behind and all were within striking distance of second place.

Tire was the first race where Punk Rock Ponies faltered badly finishing fifth. American Beauties played one of their best races of the night and finished first.  White Ice recovered from a detour into the equipment pit and an up close and personal visit with the arena fence to finish second. Zebras were third and Fast and Furious were fourth.

By now the enthusiastic crowd was cheering the teams on loudly, calling out for their favorite teams and riders. Quick races of Joust and Balloon were won by White Ice.  The finishes were the same for both races with Punk Rock Ponies in second, Fast and Furious in third, Zebras in fourth and American Beauties in fifth.

The final race of the night 5-flag was next.  Final finishes would be determined by this race.  Punk Rock Ponies lead with 38 points, followed by White Ice with 33.  Fast and Furious had 25 points, American Beauties with 22 and Zebras with 17.

The starter dropped the flag on the final race and the ponies were off.  Fast and Furious blazed through the race to finish first followed closely by Punk Rock Ponies. American Beauties took third when White Ice's last rider knocked over the last cone heading for home.  White Ice recovered to take fourth in front of Zebras.

Final Finish:  Punk Rock Ponies-42, White Ice-35, Fast and Furious-30, American Beauties-25, and Zebras-18.

The teams were called to the arena awards area to receive their ribbons from the red-coated Master of Ceremonies.  After taking their victory gallops around the arena and taking one final cheer from the crowd, everyone left to cool down their ponies and head home.

WHAT A NIGHT!  Ponies and riders were still energized and remained long afterwards to relive the evening and talk excitedly about the boost from the crowd and riding under the main arena lights.

Thanks to Mark Washburn for organizing this event!  Thanks to all the equipment crew volunteers and organizers who showed up the week before to rehearse the arena setup and equipment changes.  The preparation showed and the event went wonderfully!  Thanks to the parents and riders who traveled up to 4 hours or more to participate in an exciting MGAA exhibition.  The crowd and kids will never forget it!

Masters Division


Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies
B. Calhoun riding Bustin' Dust (VA)
B. Calhoun riding Ponch (VA)
J. Steward riding Bascall (MD)
R. Horn riding Two Bits (WV)
R. Whitehair riding Skee (VA)
White Ice
V. Brown riding Sprite (MD)
J. Hoke riding Somerset (aka Pony) (VA)
M. St Angelo riding Poncho (MD)
M. Vassallo riding Sebastian (MD)
Fast and Furious
S. Welniak riding Phat Chance (MD)
R. Welniak riding Samson Fancy (MD)
S. Stalter riding Domino's Delight (MD)
J. Hickok riding Alley Cat (MD)
S. Hickok riding Wise Guy (MD)
American Beauties
J. Naji riding White Devil (PA)
R. Atler riding Eliza (PA)
C. Mealing riding Sunny (PA)
T. Hvas riding Shane (PA)
M. Washburn riding Pippin (PA)
L. Machion riding Lilly (PA)
A. Royer riding Rocky (PA)
M. Lynch riding Babe (PA)
J. Caniglia riding Chippy (PA)
H. Hillas riding Billy (PA)