View Results - Heartland Cup/American Cup/Hoosier Pairs

Organizer: Beth Lough
Hoosier Horse Park
Edinborough, IN
Sep 04 - Sep 05, 2004
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Masters Division


Heartland Cup Division

Team Session 1 Session 2 Final
Egg Fu Chicken
A. Bertilson riding Robbie
K. Caddel riding Macy
59 60 119
I Can't Tie My Shoes
M. Lough riding Rusty
M. Clay riding Fig
55 61 116
Road Runners
A. Fields riding Darby
T. Leonard riding Sprite
59 51 110
Wild Things
A. Schmitt
K. Schmitt
37 36 73


American Cup Division

Team Session 1  Session 2 Final
Hot Ice
A. Raynor riding Munchkin
A. Lough riding Joe
T. Rumba riding Dixie
A. Clay riding Silver Sly
T. Malm riding Cherry
64 67 131
Clock Stoppers
B. Soto riding Tucker
M. Redman riding Giddy Up Blue
D. DeBoer riding Erin's Shamrock
M. Trudgen riding All That Jazz
53 57 110
J. Porter riding Tiny Dancer
B. Reed riding Natasha
J. Reed riding Sammy
C. Foreman riding Charlie
M. Wind riding Scout
47 39 86
Margarita Mixers
S. Holmes riding Zoie
S. Zwerner riding Poncho
S. Raynor riding April Showers
M. NIblack riding Ringo
41 45 86


Novice Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Final
Totally Twisted
G. Barnett riding Goosebumps
B. Reed riding Minnie
48 66 114
K. DeBoer riding Bobbie
N. Ostrander riding Becky
49 53 102
Pink Elephants
S. Hayes riding Chase
C. Gilman riding Phoenix Star
43 58 101
Pint and Half Pint
S. Raynor riding Tessa
A. Raynor riding British Sterling
48 31 79
Get R Done
J. Reed riding Ruby
C. Ostrander riding Indiana Jones
36 28 64
Harry Potter
J. Caddel riding Prince Charming
H. Turnbull riding Merlin
28 30 58
Porter Power
J. Porter riding Frankie
S. Porter riding Bay Staar
15 36 51
Ketch Up
C. Barnett riding Angel
S. Foreman riding Blue
20 20 40


Fossils Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Final
Dragon Fire
C. Bertilson riding Natasha
M. Kording riding Katey
42 47 89
Zippie Chickies
L. Caddel riding Blueberry
S. Raynor riding British Sterling
38 41 79
Windy Racers
J. Reed riding Sammy
C. Wind
30 42 72
Crimson Foxes
K. Malm riding Dandy
D. Bush riding Dali
23 28 51
Who's Your Daddy?
M. Soto riding Calvin
G. Ostrander riding Missy
22 21 43
Michigan Mommas
S. DeBoer riding Erin's Shamrock
K. Nilback riding Ringo
11 10 21