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Organizer: Beth Lough
Hoosier Horse Park
Edinborough, IN
Mar 20 - Mar 21, 2004
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Punk Rock Ponies win American Open Trophy

Brrrr, many of us confused the American Open with Snowball IV. The weather was cold, snowy, and windy but spirits were high and the games play HOT!

Riders traveled from far and wide to compete in the 3rd Annual American Games Open.  There were divisions for Fossils, Novice, and Masters.  Many pony club teams found it a perfect time to limber up for the upcoming games rally season.

Old and new alike had a great time in all divisions.  Thanks so much to Beth Lough for organizing the competition.  The Hoosier Horse Park is a great location for a games competition (Hurrah for the covered arena and the new wind-blocking drapes!).

Fossils Division


Team Session #1 Session #2 Final
Zippy Chickies
L. Barnett riding Stardust
C. Bertilson riding Nastasha
D. Bush riding Dali
L. Caddel riding Just Jack
S. Raynor riding Sterling
18 16 21
Psycho Mummies
R. Sahner riding Sparkie
J. Reed riding Wiley
H. Schmitt riding Hexentanz
B. Hoerr riding Mr. T
17 14 11


Novice Division


Team Session #1 Session #2 Final
S. Walker riding Fur Elise
S. Foreman riding Blue
S. Zwemer riding Poncho
A. Raynor riding Marco Polo
C. Reed riding Ruby
26 17 22
Flame Flyers
L. Horrall riding Coco
G. Barnett riding Goosebumps
M. Griffin riding Sir Marshmallow
L. Griffin riding Ginny
19 24 16
Junior Mints
C. Benson riding Annie
A. Benson riding Lil
S. Schmoke riding Sunny
K. Schmoke riding Miss-Te
13 15 15
Duct Tape
L. Barnett riding Stardust
C. Barnett riding Angel


Masters Division


Walmart Stringers
A. Lough riding Dixie
M. Lough riding Rusty
R. Vit riding Smokin' Joe
K. Schmitt riding King of all Wild Things
A. Schmitt riding Gotta Do It All My Way
Punk Rock Ponies
R. Horn riding Two Bits
R. Whitehair riding Oreo
J. Stewart riding Bacall
B. Calhoun riding Bustin' Dust
B. Calhoun riding Poncho
Rainbow Ferret Circus
T. Rumba riding Silver Sly
L. Griffin riding Tootsie Roll
B. Goncharoff riding Amber
H. Dunham riding Pocket
N. Schmitt riding Let the Wild Rumpus Begin
Pink Elephants
C. John riding Miadik
E. John riding Crystal
B. Reed riding Danny
C. Reed riding Polly
M. McIlhay riding Spike
A. Bertilson riding Robby
K. Caddel riding Macy
S. Bush riding Rosie
H. Griffin riding Bonnie
J. McCready riding Misty
T. Malm riding Cherry
A. Clay riding Fig
M. Schmitt riding Rushcreek Ronda
K. Schmid riding Crown Jewels
C. Foreman riding Charlie
J. Reed riding Mini
A. Raynor riding Munchkin
S. Raynor riding April Showers
J. Porter riding Tiny Dancer


Session 1, Heat 1

Team Points
Walmart Stringers 41
Punk Rock Ponies 33
Rainbow Ferret Circus 28
Pink Elephants 18


Session 1, Heat 2

Team Points
Commandos 42
Sporks 36
Psychos 30


Session 2, Heat 1

Team Points
Commandos 37
Sporks 36
Psychos 32
Pink Elephants 15


Session 2, Heat 2

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 40
Walmart Stringers 32
Rainbow Ferret Circus 29


A Finals

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 47
Walmart Stringers 41
Commandos 36
Sporks 33


B Finals

Team Points
Rainbow Ferret Circus 31
Psychos 26
Pink Elephants 19