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Organizer: Stacey Calhoun
Gloucester County DREAM Park
Logan Township, NJ
Jun 24 - Jun 26, 2010
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The 2010 Mounted Games Across America National competition was our largest Nationals so far, with 110 riders competing in 4 sessions spread over 3 days. 14 teams made up the Masters division, with riders traveling from as far away as Michigan and South Carolina, and as close as a 30 minute trip. The 3 Intermediate teams had a more local flavor, with riders from the Mid Atlantic area joined by teammates from New Hampshire and New York. 5 Fossils teams rounded out the competition, again with Mid Atlantic competitors joined by riders from Illinois, Michigan and New York.

The Gloucester County Dream Park, our venue, is only two years old and had great amenities for the ponies. The airy barns included large ceiling fans, electrical outlets at each matted stall, large wash stall areas, and convenient containers for muck dumping. Many people commented on the quality of the footing in the competition arena, with one person stating it was the best footing they had ever played mounted games on. The RV park was a short walk from the barns, and the bathrooms were fortunately air conditioned, as the heat and humidity during the event were record breaking. The bathrooms also served as a refuge from the voracious mosquitoes, which defied the Parks 4 days of spraying before we arrived. The staff at the park could not have been more helpful and responsive to any request we had – kudos to John Palimeno and his crew.

Our chief referees for this year’s event were Ed Welniak for Intermediate, and Robert Taylor for Masters and Fossils. Patti Naji served as our TD, Claudia Stewart and Julie Whitehair as scorers and Krista Muldoon and Jeff Porter shared the announcers duties. All of the officials carried out their responsibilities in fine style, with the refs keeping all riders in hand. Multiple people served as Line A judges and scribes, calling the finishes throughout the competition, and as the rotating judges for the other spots.

Curtis Schelling served as our equipment crew chief, and did an exceptional job, arriving early each morning to get lines and markings down, and staying late to make sure everything was ready for the next day. Teams provided the equipment crew staff for the divisions. Games for this competition were chosen by Nancy Crowley and Curt.

Thursday was our first day of competition, and all went well until around 3:00 during heat three of Masters session 1, when a severe storm blew in that required a halt of about 45 minutes. Fortunately we were able to wait out the storm in the park’s indoor arena, and completed the Masters heat and the second Intermediate session pretty much on schedule.

The welcome BBQ, which was coordinated by Ellen Atherholt, attracted over 160 people, and all enjoyed the BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and beans before attending a wonderful performance by Chincoteague Minnow the Painting Pony, and his cohorts Chesapeake Boomerang and Ammo the dachshund. Minnow created one of his masterpieces on the spot, which was auctioned off to raise money for MGAA. The winning bid was placed by Greta Schelling.

Friday was a full day of competition with 2 Fossils sessions, 1 Intermediate session and 6 heats of Masters.

Saturday finals were hot contests, with all of the ponies and riders performing at their best. Gift cards for sponsored races, and the pony neck sashes were awarded at the end of each division’s competition. Placings and scores are given below.

Saturday nights awards dinner, coordinated by Kelly Dauzet, took place at the Park, in the Annex Building. Unfortunately the building was not air conditioned, and so everyone got a little sweaty. However, the excellent dinner provided by Dolson's Family Catering, wonderful awards (including truly spectacular perpetual trophies), the door prizes and the fantastic DJ Shorty Rock helped to make up for the heat. Dancers were begging the DJ for just one more song well past the 12 midnight close of the event.

Any undertaking of this kind can not take place without the work of dozens of willing volunteers. Although I was the overall organizer, I shared many of the duties with Stacey Calhoun who also acted as the Event Secretary and the chair of the Awards and Fundraising committee. Without Stacey’s advice and support, Nationals would have been extremely difficult to pull off. Stacey also did a wonderful job choosing the awards for each division and placing, making sure each competitor received a number of items to commemorate 2010 Nationals.

I want to thank the following people – Linda Arens and Kim Tracey, Pony Management Committee chairs, who took care of check in, jogs and located our fantastic vet Dr. Stacey Cordivano. Nancy Crowley, Equipment and Arena Chairperson; Krista Muldoon, publicity and program (working on this even after her serious accident in May); Kelly Dauzet who graciously agreed to oversee the awards dinner dance and also provided many of the door prizes; Ellen Atherholt who oversaw the welcome BBQ; Curtis Schelling - who I can not thank enough for all of his hard work with the arena and the equipment. Also the judges, announcers and scorers as mentioned above for volunteering their time and expertise, particularly Jeff Porter who with Matt Brown set up and troubleshot the sound system. Thanks to Sharon Brown who lend her portable sound system and to Julia Hickok who ordered and transported the Nationals trophies.

Thanks to all of the race and division sponsors – the two division sponsors made it possible for some great prizes to be awarded in the Fossils (sponsored by Bertilson Family) and Intermediate (sponsored by the Peterson Family) Divisions. Race sponsors provided gift cards for 11 races in the Masters A Final, 7 in the Masters B Final, 6 in the Masters C Final, 8 in the Intermediate Final and 5 in the Fossils Final. Thanks also to the current members of the MGAA Board of Governors for their advice and support during the planning process of this event. If I have forgotten to thank anyone, it is an unintentional oversight. Please be assured that I truly appreciated any help given to put on this event, from the loan of canopies and coolers to the judging of the Masters A Final and everything in between!!

Anita Vassallo,
Organizer, 2010 MGAA Nationals

Masters Division


A Final

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies
B. Calhoun riding Dusty
C. Rutledge riding Henna
M. Taylor riding Ink Spot
M. Vassallo riding Sebastian
R. Whitehair riding Maize
Italian Stallions
E. Becker riding Poncho
A. Cone riding Beauty
J. Naji riding Jack
J. Naji riding Wico
T. Royer riding Cudi
B. Bowden riding Meinen Freitag
K. Huntsman riding Chablis
E. Nelson riding Loki
J. Pillard riding Bail Me Out
S. Ruff riding Good Golly Miss Molly
Hit N Run
K. Crowley riding Speedy
L. Graham riding Glory
D. Sargent riding Jitterbug
R. Welniak riding Tonka
S. Welniak riding Lexie
H. Caniglia riding Sparky
M. Griffin riding Misty
L. Machion riding Tex
K. Markmann riding Ricochet
J. Naji riding All Riled Up


B Final

Team Points
J. Cornish riding Bailey's Irish Cream
H. Cullinane riding Murphy Brown
J. Hickok riding Mini Penny
S. Hickok riding Copper Penny
R. Korn riding Jet
Risky Business
B. Atherholt riding Squiggles
E. Bartnick riding Pumpkin
K. Godshall riding Mudpie
A. Mayo riding Ducati
K. Worker riding Frosty
Jumbo Shrimp
C. Ostrander riding Copper
N. Ostrander riding Thunder
B. Soto riding Gwen
R. Soto riding Rudy
A. Werzecha riding Smokin' Joe
Wild Thangs
K. Anderson riding Kipper
T. Anderson riding Mojo's
A. Johnson riding Romeo
M. Johnson riding Cherokee
M. Reilly riding Please Don't Tease
Over the Edge
C. Farneski riding Pork Chop
J. Hoke riding Osh Kosh
V. Hoke riding Sprite
C. Ward riding Biscotti


C Finals

Team Points
Pineapple Express
C. Atherholt riding Ants in Your Pants
L. Barbour riding Ruby Tuesday
I. Brace riding Tommy
D. Herbick riding Cowboy
K. Stokes riding Roxy
J. Bryson riding Napoleon
M. Dauzat riding A Ladies' Man
L. Harmon riding Sasha
S. Melvin riding Eat My Dust
K. Smith riding Cocoa
Panic Switch
A. Lake riding Tag You're It
A. Scarborough riding Skittles
A. Schemerhorn riding Harley
J. Stewart riding Mocha
C. Tracy riding Sierra
Fast Forward
K. DiLuigi riding Chesapeake Boomerang
S. Kepner riding Churro
C. Reverendo riding Milli
G. Schelling riding Gunnar
S. Weintraub riding Skip


Intermediate Division


Team Points
Amp It Up
C. McBain riding For Pete's Sake
A. Peterson riding Ginger
S. Shea riding Nikatta
S. Stokes riding Pot of Gold
R. Winkler riding Rebel
L. Honeycutt riding Jose
A. Morcom riding Jabubba
C. Patullo riding Gilligan
L. Patullo riding Custer
H. Taylor riding Ollie
T. Arens riding Gwen
A. Honeycutt riding Josie
A. Seymour riding Wizard
K. Shotzberger riding Casey Jones


Fossils Division


Team Points
Old School
G. Arens riding Pepper
L. Arens riding Blue
C. O'Connor riding Zeke
K. Tracy riding Jericho
Good Time Girls
C. Corrigan riding Jumpin' Jiminy
J. Foreman riding Fancy
D. Hickok riidng Dakota
S. Porter riding Sam I Am
M. Soler riding Tinkerbelle
Aged to Perfection
S. Calhoun riding Ponch
N. Crowley riding Marley
C, Rutledge riding Silver Bell
K. Taylor riding Irish Mist
A. Vassallo riding Pink Champagne
Men in Black
M. Brown riding Rose
D. Foreman riding Belle Starr
J. Porter riding Lonesome Sis
J. Rietz riding Suki
M. Soto riding Calvin
Time Flies
A. Huntsman riding Alex
P. Pillard riding Pinto
J. Schall riding Simon
K. Welniak riding Toby