View Results - Mid Atlantic Games Series #4

Organizer: Diane Hickok
Prince George's Equestrian Center
Upper Marlboro, MD
Nov 07 - Nov 08, 2009
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FINALLY... a MAG4 with decent weather!!!  More than decent.... balmy even. LOL

Thanks for Diane Hickok for adventuring into attempting and succeeding at organizing a competition involving TWO arenas running at the same time.  We could not have done it without the total cooperation of Stacey Calhoun, Anita Vassallo and Colleen Corrigan who brought much of the equipment required for the second arena.  Thanks also to ALL the parents, friends, and riders who helped out as officials and equipment crew.  We needed you to step up to the plate and help and YOU did a fantastic job.

Thanks go to the Canadian riders and parents who ventured down to Maryland for MAG4.  We hope that you enjoyed yourself and will come back again.... especially if it was you all who brought the fantabulous weather!!!!

Thanks to all the riders who attended and made the 2009 Mid Atlantic Games Series finale so special .... thanks to all those parents and friends who made sure all the riders made it to the grounds on time :) Hope to see you all again in 2009 .... back at PGEC for Mid Atlantic #1.

Sharon Brown

Fossils Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Old School
K. Muldoon riding Osh Kosh
C. O'Connor riding Zeke
L. Arens riding Blue
K. Tracy riding Jericho
55 46 64 165
Mike's Mares (CAN)
C. Couch riding Marble
L. McCoy riding Taylor
D. MacDonald riding Holly
M. LaLonde riding Frodo
M. McCulligh riding Sam
41 46 55 142
Special Ops
M. Reilly riding Please Don't Tease
A. Hellhake riding Blitz
K. DiLuigi riding Boomer
L. Beckwith
32 36 47 115
Good Time Girls
D. Hickok riding Dakota
M. Brown riding Sprite
C. Corrigan riding Jiminy
K. Ampeh riding Maia Dawn
35 34 42 111


Novice Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Dillon's Team
D. Johnson riding Sadie Rose
M. Kurtz riding Elvis
H. Harrelson riding Han Solo
S. Schermerhorn riding Cocoa Puff
14 18 25 57
Hot Mocha
S. Amen riding Cloud
E. McBain riding Pocomoke
S. McBain riding Buddy
O. Farneski
16 9 14 39


Intermediate Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
L. Honeycutt riding José
C. Farneski
J. Daniels riding Muffin
K. Muldoon riding Maya Moon
44 46 46 136
J. Klugman riding Rose
E. Klugman riding Emma
K. Jenkins riding Misty of Spotted Wonder
C. Jenkins riding Misty
C. Kenton riding Abby
38 37 50 125
H. Taylor riding Ollie
S. Kepner riding Churro
R. Cone
C. Hanagan
C. McBain
33 36 41 110
A. Kurtz riding Dudley
M. Kurtz riding Molly
E. Nelson riding Loki
H. Mitchell
30 33 46 109
C. Patullo riding Gilligan
L. Patullo riding Custer
C. Nolder riding Tinkerbell
P. Vallee riding Bo
A. Campbell riding Romeo
34 26 41 101

Mid Atlantic Series Intermediate Champions: Radioactive

Masters Division


B. Nolder riding Cinnamon
G. Arens riding Pepper
C. Tracy riding Sierra
A. Honeycutt riding Freddy Jones
B. Atherholt riding Squiggles
The Northern Lights (CAN)
J. Durwood riding Sassy
B. Couch riding Swansea
S. Cruikshanks riding Rye
M. Cruikshanks riding Sunny
J. Cruikshanks riding Wizard
S. Hickok riding Copper Penny
J. Hickok riding Mini Penni
R. Korn riding Jet
H. Cullinane riding Murphy Brown
J. Bryson riding Napoleon
Pineapple Express
K. Stokes riding Pot of Gold
S. Stokes riding Velvet
I. Brace
D. Herbick
L. Barbour
Fast Forward
S. Weintraub riding Skip
J. Stewart riding Mocha
C. Atherholt riding Antsy
S. Ruff riding Good Golly Miss Molly
A. Lake riding Tag You're It
Punk Rock Ponies
M. Vassallo riding Sebastian
B. Calhoun riding Bustin' Dust
B. Calhoun riding Ponch
R. Whitehair riding Maize
M. Taylor riding Inkspot
C. Anzalone riding Duck L'Orange
E. Bartnick riding Pumpkin Pie
D. Mayo
K. Godshall riding Mud Pie
K. Worker riding Frosty
M. Griffith riding Misty Mae
A. Royer
J. Naji riding Riley
L. Machion riding Sweet Pea
K. Markmann riding Richochet
The Gamblers (CAN)
M. Cruikshanks riding Blackjack
M. Midwood riding Licorice
J. Stephenson riding Smokey
S. Cole riding Talula
J. Pillard riding Jazzy
Q. Voeitzel riding Simon
L. Crowl
K. Huntsman riding Chablis
N. Ellis riding Porscha
Hit N Run
S. Welniak riding Phat Chance
R. Welniak riding Tonka
L. Mitchell riding Jitterbug
D. Sargent riding Lexi
K. Crowley riding Gingersnap
Monopolizers (CAN)
J. Couch ridng Keela
J. Lloyd riding Crusher
S. MacDonald riding Buddy
J. Donaldson riding Newbie
K. Smith riding Smarty Pants
Italian Stallions
J. Naji riding Tex
J. Naji riding Jack
A. Cone
E. Becker riding Poncho
J. Cornish riding Bailey


Saturday AM - Heat 1

Team Points
Hit N Run 52
Italian Stallions 37
Quicksilver 36
Footloose 27
Pineapple Express 26


Saturday AM - Heat 2

Team Points
Northern Lights 54
Rapidash 41
Gamblers 38
Fast Forward 26


Saturday AM - Heat 3

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 52
Crash 42
Monopolizers 34
Aftershock 29


Saturday PM - Heat 1

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 56
Gamblers 43
Fast Forward 37
Monopolizers 30


Saturday PM - Heat 2

Team Points
Hit N Run 54
Rapidash 46
Quicksilver 38
Footloose 30


Saturday PM - Heat 3

Team Points
Northern Lights 43
Crash 43
Italian Stallions 41
Pineapple Express 30
Aftershock 21


A Final

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 60
Hit N Run 50
Rapidash 43
Northern Lights 35
Crash 34


B Final

Team Points
Italian Stallions 47
Quicksilver 40
Monopolisers 31
Gamblers 27


C Final

Team Points
Pineapple Express 47
Footloose 41
Fast Forward 37
Aftershock 24


Mid Atlantic Series Masters Championship

Team MA #1 MA #2 MA #3 MA #4 Total
Hit N Run 9 11 14 12 46
Crash 7 8 13 9 37+
Rapidash 6 9 11 11 37
Italian Stallions 5 10 12 8 35