View Results - Mid Atlantic Games Series #3

Organizer: Patti Naji
Gloucester County 4H Fairgrounds
Mullica Hill, NJ
Aug 15 - Aug 16, 2009
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This years event certainly had it's challenges and fair share of interesting moments. The success of this years event is only magnified by the many challenges that were overcome. Under difficult circumstances, the effort put out by the many people who did their part to help was truly remarkable. From those who participated on ring crew, to judging, to all the efforts behind the scenes; our admiration and thanks to all of you. Every year we learn something that we try to apply to the next. What remains a constant and blatantly clear is that one or two people alone cannot make such a large event a success. Thanks again and look forward to seeing everyone next year!


Green Pony Division


Novice Division


Team Points
Dust Bunnies
S. Amen riding Cloud
O. Farneski riding Chippy
E. McBain riding Poco
S. McBain riding Buddy
Tiny Fists of Fury
M. Finkenbeiner riding Autumn Spice
C. Finkenbeiner riding Rocky
K. Newell riding Babe
S. Kurtz riding Starbucks
M. Kurtz riding Flying Elvis


Fossils Division


Team Points
Good Time Girls
D. Hickok riding Dakota
C. Corrigan riding Jumpin Jiminy
K. Diluigi riding Boomer
L. Hellhake riding Jet
A. Hellhake riding Blitz
Old School
C. O’Connor riding Zeke
K. Muldoon riding Osh Kosh
K. Tracy riding Jericho
L. Arens riding Sierra


Intermediate Division


The Gamblers
S. Cole riding Talula
C. Couch riding Johnny Rocket
M. Cruishanks riding Black Jack
A. Bryson riding Firefly
H. Taylor riding Irish Rose
B. Atherholt riding Pumpkin Pie
C. Patullo riding Gilligan
L. Patullo riding Custer
A. Campbell riding Splish Splash
P. Vallee riding My Little Drummer Boy
A. Thornton riding For Pete's Sake
L. Honeycutt riding José
K. Jenkins riding Misty
C. Jenkins riding Misty
C. McBain riding Truffles
Amp It Up
S. Stokes riding Velvet
R. Cone riding Belle
A. Peterson riding Ginger
B. Nolder riding Tilly
C. Nolder riding Nicky / Tinkerbell
M. Kurtz riding Molly
H. Mitchell riding Summit
C. Farneski riding Pork Chops
N. Kehrli riding Breezy
J. Daniels riding Muffin
K. Shotzberger riding Casey Jones
K. Bullock riding Peppermint Twist
B. Peterson riding Ondelot
M. Kulp riding Maggie


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Zebras 37 44 54 135
Radioactive 47 38 43 128
Speed Demons 42 32 51 125
Grafitti 33 47 41 121
Trouble In Paradise 27 30 33 90


Masters Division


J. Hoke riding Somerset
V. Brown riding Sprite
G. Arens riding Pepper
A. Honeycutt riding Freddy Jones
C. Tracy riding Blue
Fast Forward
S. Weintraub riding Skip
C. Atherholt riding Antsy
J. Stewart riding Mocha
J. Bryson riding Napoleon
I. Cantin riding Crystal
B. Bowden riding Meinen Freitag
J. Gilbert riding Ares
R. Vit riding Rocky
N. Davidowski riding Breezy
J. Emblin riding PJ
J. Pillard ridiing Jazzy
K. Huntsman riding Chablis
H. Caniglia riding Sparky
N. Ellis riding Porscha
S. Hickok riding Copper Penny
J. Hickok riding Mini Penny
R. Korn riding Jet
B. Calhoun riding Ponch
H. Cullinane riding Murphy Brown
Pineapple Express
K. Stokes riding Goldie
D. Herbick riding Tommy
L. Barbour riding Tootsie
I. Brace riding Link
B. Finkenbeiner riding Tioga
C. Anzalone riding Duck L'Orange
D. Mayo riding Ducati
K. Worker riding Frosty
K. Godshall riding Mudpie
C. Hanagan riding Star
S. Tilly
J. Norwind riding Tony
K. Freeman riding Maddie
H. Bowden riding TC
Hit N Run
K. Crowley riding Gingersnap
L. Mitchell riding Jitterbug
S. Welniak riding Chance
R. Welniak riding Tonka
D. Sargent riding Lexi
Cupcake Ninjas
E. Nelson riding Annie
A. Kurtz riding Dudley Do Right
K. Boas riding TazoFZion
L. Attanasio riding Loki
M. Taylor riding Inkspot
J. Naji riding Riley
K. Markmann riding Ricochet
A. Royer riding Charlie
L. Machion riding Sweet Pea
M. Griffin riding Misty Mae
Northern Lights
B. Couch riding Sassy
J. Cruishanks riding Wizard
M. Cruishanks riding Sunny
S. Cruishanks riding Rye
J. Durward riding Newbie
Italian Stallions
J. Naji riding Jack
J. Naji riding Tex
T. Royer riding annie
A. Cone riding Beauty
E. Becker riding Poncho
Glam Squad
C. Reverendo riding Milli
J. Arleo riding Brooklyn
L. Worker riding Belinda De Glain
C. Ward riding Biscotti
J. Cornish riding Bailey
R. Sutherland riding Snickers
B. Luther riding Henna
L. Woodbridge riding Jabubba
S. Tutt Lyons riding Fury
R. Morley riding Dusty


Session 1, Heat 1

Team Points
Italian Stallions 55
Rapidash 49
Quicksilver 44
Aussies 32
Footloose 30


Session 1, Heat 2

Team Points
Hit N Run 48
Northern Lights 46
Flintstones 41
Aftershock 34
Fast Forward 33


Session 1, Heat 3

Team Points
Crash 56
Pineapple Express 48
Cupcake Ninjas 42
Glam Squad 31
Affliction 25


Session 2, Heat 1

Team Points
Hit N Run 49
Glam Squad 34
Crash 32
Quicksilver 26
Aftershock 23


Session 2, Heat 2

Team Points
Pineapple Express 35
Italian Stallions 35
Cupcake Ninjas 33
Fast Forward 29
Footloose 30


A Final

Team Points
Northern Lights 57
Hit N Run 50
Crash 42
Italian Stallions 41
Rapidash 33


B Final

Team Points
Pineapple Express 56
Quicksilver 55
Glam Squad 44
Cupcake Ninjas 36
Flintstones 35


C Final

Team Points
Aussies 61
Footloose 52
Aftershock 48
Fast Forward 47
Affliction E