View Results - Mid Atlantic Games Series #4

Organizer: Diane Hickok
Prince George's Equestrian Center
Upper Marlboro, MD
Nov 13 - Nov 14, 2010
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Another wonderful Mid Atlantic Finale!!!   Warm weather, fantastic prizes, and great friendship!

Thanks to our TD, Ed Welniak, Chief Refs (Janey McFawn and Curtis Schelling) , Crew Cheifs (Chalrie Hickok, Vince Patullo, Mark Atherholt) and all our parents and riders who stepped up to help with the officiating and setting equipment.  Once again the two arenas ran flawlessly!

A big Thanks to Diane Hickoks who has organizing these events down to a science!!!  Also thanks to the organizers of all the Mid-Atlantics for donating time and funds to the finale trophies and prizes.  Each MAG also donate monies to MGAA to further its programs.

Thanks to all the riders who attended and made the 2010 Mid Atlantic Games Series finale so special .... thanks to all those parents and friends who made sure all the riders made it to the grounds on time :) Hope to see you all again in 2011 .... back at PGEC for Mid Atlantic #1.

Sharon Brown

Fossils Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
Old School
S. Calhoun riding Ponch
C. O'Connor riding Zeke
L. Arens riding Blue
K. Tracy riding Jericho
37 46 57 140
The Gamblers (CAN)
M. Cruikshanks riding Rye
K. Foell riding Talula
L. McCoy riding Locorice
M. LaLonde riding Frodo
33 47 52 132
Serious Business
D. Hickok riding Dakota
M. Brown riding Rose
C. Corrigan riding Spencer
M. Reilly riding Hancock
W. Wiseman riding Cricket
33 32 41 106
Time Flies
P. Pillard riding Pinto
A. Desjardins riding Penny
K. Reynolds on Jazzy
A. Frey riding Sarah
N. Crowley riding Marley
29 27 42 98
Ring Crew
L. McBain riding Maize
D. McBain riding Shadow
K. Stokes riding Pot of Gold
S. Thornley riding For Pete's Sake
L. Winkler riding Honey
16 27 32 75


Intermediate Division


Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
G. Arens riding Cowboy
C. Farneski riding Pork Chop
C. Nolder riding Tinkerbell
A. Lake
A. Scarborough
38 42 62 138
Amp It Up
A. Peterson riding Ginger
S. Stokes riding Dozer
S. Shea riding Nikita
C. McBain riding Rocky
R. Winkler riding Rebel
29 40 55 124
H. Taylor riding Ollie
L. Honeycutt riding José
L. Patullo riding Custer
J. Daniels riding Un Loco Poco
C. Patullo riding Gilligan
31 41 31 103
Real Deal in Teal
E. McBain riding Truffles
S. McBain riding Buckles
K. Fleming riding Spud Muffin
P. Kerstetter riding Irish Rose
Q. Winkler riding Parker
16 29 46 91
Racing Stripes
M. Milito riding Crystal
A. Seel riding Fantiana
O. Farneski riding Chippy
K. Morel riding Jericho
9 13 25 47
Wild Things (Sat only)
D. Tharp riding Danny Boy
C. Swartz riding Drummer
S. Kozorosky riding Tiny Tim
A. Doud riding Velvet
E. Hruda riding Lady Bug
32 37 - -
T-Shirt Team (Sat only)
A. Ampeh riding  Mia Dawn
A. Ampeh riding Shenandoah Flitter
S. Schermerhorn
H. Harrelson riding Tease
I. Pellet riding Misty
18 23 - -


Masters Division


30 Aught Six
N. Ellis riding Porscha
H. Cullinane riding Murphy Brown
S. Dunn riding Maniac
R. Leese riding Shucks
L. Harmon riding Sasha
Pineapple Express
K. Stokes riding Pot of Gold
M. Dauzat riding A Ladies Man
D. Herbick riding Cowboy
C. Hutchins riding Seneca
L. Barbour
S. MacDonald riding Buddy
K. Abye
J. Donaldson riding Smartie
K. Grace
K. Smith riding Johnny's Last Paycheck
Punk Rock Ponies
M. Vassallo riding Sebastian
B. Calhoun riding Gemma
B. Calhoun riding Jabubba
R. Whitehair riding Dusty
M. Taylor riding Inkspot
J. Hickok riding Mini Penny
R. Korn riding Jiminy
J. Cornish riding Bailey
J. Gates riding Patches
C. Hanagan riding Copper Penny
M. Griffith riding Misty Mae
A. Royer riding Skylar
J. Naji riding All Rilled Up
L. Machion riding Tex
K. Markmann riding Ricochet
Fast Forward
S. Weintraub riding Skip
S. Kepner
C. Reverendo riding Milli
J. Arleo riding Brooklyn
B. Nolder riding Cinny
J. Pillard riding Bailey
L. Graham riding Sophie
M. Cruikshanks on Sunny
J. Cruikshanks riding Wizard
J. Durward riding Sassy
Hit N Run
S. Welniak riding Phat Chance
R. Welniak riding Tonka
L. Mitchell riding Jitterbug
K. Welniak riding Lexi
K. Crowley riding Cookie Monster
Over The Edge
V. Hoke riding Sprite
J. Hoke riding Pony
C. Ward riding Biscotti
A. Thornley riding Tommy
J. Stewart riding Mocha
Italian Stallions
J. Naji riding Nico
J. Naji riding Jack of All Trades
C. Rutledge riding Henna
E. Becker riding Pepper
T. Royer riding Cudi
J. Bryson riding Napleon
J. Emlbin riding Shedaisy
J. Gilbert riding Ponch
B. Atherholt riding Squiggles
C. Atherholt riding Antsy
Risky Business
E. Bartnick riding Pumpkin Pie
A. Mayo
K. Goshall riding Mud Pie
C. Anzalone riding Duck L'Orange
K. Worker riding Frosty


Saturday AM - Heat #1

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 54
Risky Business 46
Fast Forward 36
Jamma 30


Saturday AM - Heat #2

Team Points
30 Aught Six 51
Crash 42
Affliction 32
Over the Edge 29


Saturday AM - Heat #3

Team Points
Hit N Run 51
Rapidash 35
Italian Stallions 32
Pineapple Express 32
Quicksilver 29


Saturday PM - Heat #1

Team Points
Pineapple Express 47
30 Aught Six 40
Quicksilver 36
Over the Edge 34
Fast Forward 22


Saturday PM - Heat #2

Team Points
Rapidash 49
Affliction 44
Punk Rock Ponies 41
Risky Business 38


Saturday PM - Heat #3

Team Points
Hit N Run 49
Italian Stallions 47
Crash 45
Jamma 28


A Finals

Team Points
Punk Rock Ponies 56
Hit N Run 47
30 Aught Six 43
Crash 39+
Rapidash 39


B Finals

Team Points
Pineapple Express 54
Risky Business 53
Affliction 51+
Italian Stallions 51


C Finals

Team Points
Over the Edge 66
Jamma 52
Fast Forward 52
Quicksilver HC