Division Desciption


Every Novice Rider must be able to independently ride the pony through the prescribed skills of each race at a controlled gait. The Novice Rider should be able to complete the skill while the pony is at a standstill. This is a division where the skills are perfected at a walk and a trot, and ultimately the rider is able to canter between skills. The Novice Rider should be assisted by an experienced mounted games coach/trainer who insists upon proper horsemanship principles in this rider-development division. The coach/trainer stays behind the 10 yard line and the Novice Rider is capable of following coaching instructions without being led. The successful mount for a Novice Rider is suitably trained to allow for the rider to correctly and confidently move through the skills at an obedient gait. Novice Ponies must be ridden by experienced riders demonstrating control and a positive progression with the training of their pony. Novice ponies are described as learning the games at the controlled gaits of walk and trot, and ultimately can be ridden at a controlled canter between the skills. Once a pony's ability and speed exceeds the preceding statement then it must be entered in a higher level division, or in the Green Pony division.