Division Desciption

Beginner Novice Rider

This is an entry level to mounted games. The Beginner Novice Rider must be able to express some independence and control of pony in a normal walking routine, and may progress to the ability to trot the games independently. The Beginner Novice Rider is able to negotiate skills with assistance such as grasping equipment with one hand, bending over to reach equipment off of a bin or tall cone; and expresses the desire to play the games. The Beginner Novice Rider should be assisted by an experienced mounted games coach/trainer who insists upon proper horsemanship principles in this rider-development division. The coach/trainer is allowed to enter the playing field if needed and is also allowed to lead the pony if needed. The coach/trainer may make use of one or more attendants to assist with leading or close personal assistance for each Beginner Novice Rider on a Team or Pair. The successful Beginner Novice Rider has a pony of suitable disposition and training to allow for a safe environment for both the Beginner Novice Rider and the coach or attendant. This is NOT a green or beginner novice pony division.